mandag, april 30, 2007


Jeg er russ! Yes!

Ok, so it all started friday moring and then after school Jenny, Marie, Tonje, Pål Vegar, Mathias, Mathias, Magnus, Øyvind and I went to Kragerø! Had a great time with friends, God and Russeting, and I feel sorry for all the kids that ended up with a cold after having a waterfight with us. lol. ...nothing need to be said: here's the pics!

coffee at tonje's b-day! Mathias, Pål Vegar, Tonje, Jenny & Me
By the sea..
While the girls were swimming, the boys were chillin'.
Awww, that poor little boy...
On our way home at the gas station!
Jådd & Marty
Russknute: Vi måtte gå etter den duden i blå sjorte i 5 minutter... Veldig morsomt! Han kjøpte blomster med morra si, og gikk på nille...! :)
Us! <3
...and again...
Johanne, Me and Marie at school!
Jenny and I
Tz & Marty
What a nice pic...

Ok, so Gunvor is pointing at a thing on her pants, NOT her ass...

Oh yeah, just chillin'

...and this is my life...

fredag, april 20, 2007

Pics from easter break.

I just found theese at my camera. enjoy...

tirsdag, april 17, 2007

I'm back!

Well, not really... I'm going back to my spanish homeworks after this post, but I was just in a "not-doing-spanish-but-a-lot-other-useless-things"-mood. I like that kind of mood!! Everytime except during my spanish mock exam tomorrow...

So, this is my life: school. Yeah, that's pretty much it. But I do make time for friends and some working too... And the day after tomorrow is the end of this rounds test-nightmares, so after that i'll hopefully have some more time.

In less than 2 weeks (1 week and 2 days to be exact), I'm gonna be a Russ. Yay! It's gonna be lots of fun. I'll post pics...

ok, and then back to my studies... Ahh, I can't wait for this year to be OVER!

Take care :)

torsdag, april 12, 2007

Heather Martin

6-åring som synger om broren som i er Irak

fredag, april 06, 2007

Easter break!

11 days off. Working, doing homework, hanging out witl friends. And here's some pics.
mom & dad is out of town, and before they left they put an egg somewhere in the house... woth candy in... I'm looking for it...