torsdag, juni 26, 2008

.... Im in Canada!

Just so you know... I dont have pictures or anything yet- but just wanted to let you know that im alive and LOVING Canada! Im visiting my friend Jenn from my DTS and it was AMAZING to see her again, and its AMAZING being here! Jenn turned 19 yesterday (which is like turning 18 in Norway and 21 in the US), so that was great fun! Ill add some pics later...
Um, yeah, so Im going back home... On sunday... Ill be heading for New York City on friday, and then leaving to go back home to Norway sunday night.. Ill be in Hamar on monday. And then my 6 months are over... Weird.. Im not gonna lie- its super sad!! But I guess it will be good seing everybody again!

Ok, so long!

torsdag, juni 12, 2008

Last days in Ensenada....

Our DTS graduation was May 30th, and it was great!! We had a nice dinner, talked about outreach and our DTS and general, and just hang out... Later that night (already), people started leaving... Kelsey, Halynn, Katie, Alicia and Jaime were the first ones to go, and saturday and sunday morning the rest of the DTS followed... It was SAD. Its wierd how things come to an end, and it was super hard saying goodbye to everybody. But even though it was the worst feeling then and there, it was SO worth it!

Halynn and I
Me and my beautiful small-group leader, DTS-leader and friend Sarvia!
Work dutie group- hospitality; Erika, Me, Naara, Anais, Tamara, Ashely and Alicia
Me and Kelsey- we're done!!

Me and Doug, like his hair? I dyed it!
Kels and me
My drivers for outreach- Darren and Neil
The Keogh boys and me- Sam, Nate and Ben
Me, Lindsay and Kelsey!
Last time at Zo-Taza- our coffee shop downtown!
For a week, Jon Christi and I were the only DTS students left in Ensenada, except for Bec and Abi who are staying on as summer staff. While the rest of the base were in Mission Adventures Staff training, Jon and I were free to do whatever we wanted, and went Down Town and to "Little America" and just hang out. It was grand. Even though the rest of the students had left, Ensenada was still a GREAT (if not the greatest) place on earth!

Playing soccer with the mexcians after a community meeting
Jon and I used our baseleaders, Kody and Lindsay's bikes- i got to have the pink one- to go down town!

Friday the 6th Jon, Aubrey and I drove up to San Diego to drop Jon of (he was leaving early in the morning the 7th) and pick up 2 mission adventures summer staff and ANE!!! Yay! Ane came all the way from Florida to hang out with me for my last 4 days, and it was great! We went 4wheeling at the beach with Cesar and just hang around. We also went to La Buffadora again.

Cesar and Ane by the flag pole! 4 wheeling!Yeah!
It was pretty cold, but the view at La Buffadora was great!
Welcome to Mexcio, Ane!
On Tuesdy it was time to leave Ensenada, and Ane and I drove up with Ingvar and Craig who had been down speaking at the staff training. We dropped Ane of at the airport, and then Ingvar invited me back to their house to hang out before my bus left late that night. So I ended up having a great evening with Ingvar, Jessy and Kaiya, before I sat on the greyhound bus for 37 hours on my way to Wichita, KS.

5 months of my life if now over, and its nothing but super sad! God has tough me SO much, and Ive had such a good time with some AMAZING people. It was extreemly hard to leave, especially because my bestfriends Erika and Kelsey are coming down in 1 week to be Mission Adventures Staff for the summer. I'm so thankful to God for my stay in Mexico, and I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of the Mexican culture just yet...