lørdag, november 29, 2008

Time goes by.... Just a little messy update! About nothing and everything... Enjoy.

Sarvia, Kelsey, Erika and me at starbucks!

Revolution Hoy- the skateboard ramp outside the base.

Thanksgiving 2008 was celebrated… We are in Mexico, and its definitely NOT a holiday here, but sense we love our American staff so much, we are celebrating it anyways! It was ok, the food was good! We have a team down here building with Homes Of Hope, and they cooked for us. ☺ Great! There was also a talent/non talent show, so that was pretty sweet. Yeah yeah, still not the biggest fan of the holiday- still don’t like pumpkin pie…

William and Paul came down from OC for Thanksgiving, here with two of the 6 Kemp kids- Asher and Noah.
Thanksgiving dinner in the Worshiphall
My table of DTS students, Gordana (Germany), Lilly (Sussies friend from Romania/Canada/Germany), Sussie (Canada), Patience (USA), Meredith (USA) and me.

On base...
Giezi´s answer to Guns n´Roses - bee bee guns and roses..
Sarvia and another one of the Kemps kids- Tianna.

Revolution day in Mexico, not sure what your actually suppose to do, but at the base we celebrated it by having the dining area filled with Mexican colors, people wore Mexican sombreros, and the kids had a piñata. I liked it. Not sure what we celebrated though, I guess that it has something to do with the Mexican vs Spain thing… Yeah. It was fun anyways… ☺

Monste is Mexican!
Hillary is American, but Giezi is Mexican. Haha

Giezi took me to a concert with ”Intocable”, it was pretty mexican, and so much fun!!! We got there at like 8ish, but ”Intocable” wasnt scheduled to enter the stage before 10:30. Little did that help, they didn’t come on until a few minuts to midnight, but it was worth the wait- at least for the Mexicans… They has fun, and this wasn’t Postgirobygget on Domkirkeodden, this was in a baseball area, where people were dancing Salsa everywhere! Nice!!

onsdag, november 19, 2008

Its been a while…

Life is good in Mexico. The last couple of days Ive been working a lot in the cafe.. Cleaning, redoing a couple of stuff, and tomorrow Im gonna build shelfs. 

Its still like 30 degrees celsius utside, which is not normal for this time of the year. But Im fine with that, really… Erika came down this weekend to hang out, and we went to the back and took like 100 pics. Not even kidding. It was fun talking to her again, open up my heart and just talk about EVERYTHING. Everybody needs a person like Erika in their life, thats my motto. Haha. No, really!!!

Dts reunion: Sarvia, our DTS leader, me, Erika and Kelsey. 

Kelsey has left, and Im now officialy in charge of the cafe. It`s wired not having her here. Im still doing ok, we have the TJ DTS here now, so there are twice as many DTS students here, and DTS staff. More work in the café during the breaks, and a little more hecktick, but it works.

Life is good, but hard and challenging at the same time. Im learning a lot. Liking it, but its hard too… Good thing I have something to look forward to! Ingrid is probably coming down for Thanksgiving, she visiting Jenny in LA next week. And Shanie is coming the 29th, staying for a week. That’s exciting! Kelsey, Giezi and I have had different meetings about our trip to Costa Rica. We are all doing schools there, Kelsey and I are doing the Children At Risk School, while Giezi is doing School Of Worship. We´ll be leaving dec 29th, and fly down to Mexico City to spend some time at the base there, where we did our outreach. We are still in contact with them, and I think it will be fun seeing them again. So we are spending New Years in D.F, pretty cool! Then we head down to Chiapas, a state in Mexico where Giezi has friends and family. From there we are taking the bus down to Costa Rica. It’s the cheapest way, and the most fun! To do this we all need about 400 dollars each, just for travel expenses. We will also have to pay for housing, cause in some of the places the bus arrives in the evening, and doesn’t depart before the day after. We´ve decided to do a little bit of fundraising, and collect money for all of us, and they pay the rest of the amount from our own pockets. So if you want to help us out; feel free to take contact with me/us!

Im gonna try to take some pics from the base and the area around here soon, so you can see what its really like! But in the meantime, enjoy the pics from the beach with Erika and I… 

lørdag, november 08, 2008

So I’m back…. In Mexico. And I´m absolutely LOVING it!!!!

I’ve only been here for like 24 hours, but it feel so right, and its been fun! Really, nothing has happened… Jenny and Marie are here with me, so I’ve been showing them around in Ensenada…. I’ve had the Tacos I’ve longed so for, and been down town and to ZoTaza. Giezi and I have been jeeping, driving around with no meaning, I’ve started watching a movie, been hanging out with Kelsey in the café and shopping for stuff for the café, had dinner and pancakes for breakfast (yay!), had hospitality brunch, and I’ve done laundry. And a lot more stuff…. And its not raining (yet), over 30 Celsius and NO clouds- YAY again!! There hasn’t been to much change here, a couple of new people, and some new babies, but nothing too bad. Haha. The kids on the base had grown a LOT, but that’s ok.

So, on the way down here, Jenny, Marie and I stopped in San Diego to say hi to Erika… We went to Pacific Beach and Marie took a swim in the water. We talked to Eirik on the phone from Montana. And when we went to the YWAM office in San Diego and said hi to Ingvar, and got to meet their baby boy, Teyus. He´s beautiful, and pretty big….

Talking with Eirik!
Erika and I
Erika found this, and is showing us all the ways you can use it.... as a baseball batt... 
...The Olympic Fire thing...
...to unplug a toilet... that one was for Jenn.
Right before the border!
We´re in Mexico!!!
Sunset on the way!
Driving into Ensenada...
Down Town!
My girls!
In Ensenada by the flag!

Sunset behind a palm-tree... 
This is Ensenada, my mission field. 
Giezi´s jeep... 

Last days in LA….


Just pics this time…


Oh yeah, I¨ve turned 20, and had a great time!!

I dunno whats up with Jenny, but I think she loves me!!
Ice cream and cookies 
Me and my friends!
Greg and Marie
Us at the baywatch beach! at night... you couldnt see anything...
Birthday lunch!!
Jenny works at Coffee Kiosk, and these are her friends!
...they toast marshmallows.. 
Me and Marie
Jenny´s work!

mandag, november 03, 2008

My Travel So Far In Pics. 

Kinda random order some places. Sorry about that. 

When I first saw Marie again at Heathrow!

Party at Heathrow!
Marie and I on the airplane!
Nighttime view from Jennys house. 
At College of the Canyons...
View from Jennys house during daytime.
Mais and I had lunch while Jenny was at school. 
Yep, I dont have any lips.
This is the real thing, guys! The clothes they wore IN THE MOVIE!

Movie gang!
Jackie and Britney got to come up on stage and had to sing and dance... And they got prices! 
High School Musical 3. yay
Walk of Fame.

When Erika came!! She made me a welcome back/birthday basket! 
Dior. niiice

Erika and I had Pinkberry as our birthday "icecream". 
wow, status.
It was SOO good seeing Erika again!
Erika felt so cool with her FAKE purse. Haha
Ok, so Erika and I were walking back to the car, when I saw this beauty. Haha. The firemen came walking towards us on the sidewalk, and I was like "Erika, picture this: I take a pic of the car, and then they come and say like ´you want a picture with us?´". Well, that was not exactly what happened.. They came walking towards us and one of them said "You can climb in if you want to, and we can take a picture of you!" lol
And here´s the pic! haha. And we even got one of the firefighters with us on it!
Erika, I love you!
Maisen ligner en hund. but we still love her.