søndag, mars 29, 2009

Oh, you know its mission adventures time....

Session time!
Carne Asada with Mama Nino!! There is NOTHING like this guys!! NOTHING!!!! 
We decided to give the kids some action during their mission trip.... Haha, no just kidding... We were on our way back from church when we ran into this- so we decided to help!! Later during the week we had a car broke down during our PrayerWalk downtown, so we got to help him too.... Haha. 

Oh Jesus.... 
In the US or Europe this would be the million dollar view... In Mexico it is so hard to get the water and electricity up there that its the cheapest you can get... WOW! 

duck, duck, gray duck... 
I seriously LOVED this team!!! 
... typical YWAM san diego/baja lunch... oh the coolers... 

torsdag, mars 26, 2009

2 week of Mission Adventures!


The second cycle of MA this year was a very small team from Oregon- 14 people. It was their first time doing MA, so I think it was a lot for them to try to put together and understand, and I have to admit that it was challenging at times, not knowing if the youth leader understood why we were doing what we were doing, nor if he liked it. Well; it wasn’t him we were trying to please anyways- it was God. By the end of the week Id gotten to know everybody on the team really well; and last night, when we had our closing rally, all we got was good feedback! The pastor we worked with also liked the team, and they did an amazing job. It was fun to how the students stepped out of their comfort zone, doing things they had never done before. I have to say I got to work a lot on that one too, as I was the translator for this team.  

I do have some pictures, but the computer is being silly, so ill get back to you on that one!!

fredag, mars 20, 2009

Just Pics...

Staff Conference in TJ. 

Sunset at the new property- the tent of meeting!!
Me and Lindsay!!
Getting ready for Mission Adventures!! Brandon and Amanda!!

Neighborhood Christian School was our first team for this years Mission Adventures. 6th grade did evangelism, while 7th and 8th grade build a house. Awesome team!!! 

I got to go and visit Bigtha, Axel and little Alexa, born March 5th! She is beautiful- and so are her parents!!

søndag, mars 15, 2009

What I Am Up To!

Well, this is going to be a short one... At the moment I am working with Mission Adventures (if you dont know what it is: check out missionadventures.net or http://www.ywamsandiegobaja.org/mission_adventures.aspx?menu=MA). 

Its been some CRAZY day! I just got back from San Diego, after picking up our first team, Neighborhood Christian School from Dixion, California. So now we´re all going for it: for 5 weeks we will have about 400 kids going thru our program, so last week we had to do all the preparation: clean out the MA storage room, Resource room, make the worship hall look all pretty and all of that jazz. Fun; we very, very tiring and stressful... Well: there is no way back now: all we can do is to go for it!!!

Please pray for us!!

And the last post: that was the trailer for this years MA. :) Enjoy!

fredag, mars 13, 2009

onsdag, mars 04, 2009

Last day in Costa Rica... 

By the base..
DTS reunion!! 
Maruko and Giezi
Erika, Me and Debra
The girls... <3 suzanne, me, anna and brianna
the boys... <3 giezi, me, maruko, chove and angel
this is how brianna went to buy my last cinnamon bread.. there is no story behind it- its just random...

Home sweet Home!!


Im hoooome. In Ensenada!! I never moved back into the apartment with Sheril, instead I have my very own, well at least until the SOW staff comes… I love living by myself- its great!! I no longer have to wait in line for the shower, or join the local gym!! J Haha. Its kinda sad in the apartment though- nothing on the walls or in the shelves, no TV or DVD player, and its all WHITE. I want to paint!! But I have NO money, so I don’t see it happen too soon. We´ll see when my roommates gets here.

So, I spend a couple of says in San Diego before I got here, which was great- I got to hang out with my bestfriend Erika and get lost in her neighborhood. Thanks to Jessy and Ingvar for letting me use their phone!! J I also got to have dinner with Felicia and the Curtis´ girls, Thai Salad and lava cakes. Yay. It was Felicias birthday kinda. Well, its actually in like 4 days from today, but we had bought her a present and we made birthday cakes... yeah!

Friday I got a ride with Kirsty and Amanda down here, together with Gene and Patti and the kids! Yay!!! They were mission builders during my DTS, and it was GREAT seeing them again! The last couple of days Ive just been getting back to Normal Life here in Mexico. Ive been down town, to starbucks, walmart, had ice cream, been hanging out with people, had Felicias birthday dinner, been to church, had GOOD food at the base, reopened my SIM card, and driven Susie and Johny to TJ at like 11 pm…. !!



Haha- this is a hotel. We were totally posing because Jenn and Erika went there 8 days before I came, and did the same thing..
First glimpse of Mexico... Oh how I had missed it!!
Haha me.. So I hope you are all enjoying the snow over there in Norway!!! Im enjoying myself here...... 
Thai salad... And the chef; Felicia!!
Doesnt it look yummy? 
Lavacake... YUM!!!
Cake and present! 
Blowing out the candle! 

Cupcakes for Felicias birthday party here in Ensenada! 
With Johny and Susie!