tirsdag, desember 30, 2008


Our wonderful base!!!

So, tomorrow Im leaving Ensenada, once again. My backpack is packed (and FULL), and Giezi and I are heading out tomorrow at 2 pm, and meeting up with Kelsey at the Tijuana airport and the flying down to Mexico City. I am SUPER excited, but REALLY sad, cause I am going to miss this place a LOT. The people here are Amazing, this city is amazing, the base is amazing and pretty much everything is amazing. YWAM Ensenada, yaaaaay!!! Yet, I am super excited about what God has for me in Costa Rica, and on our way there. And I am coming back to Ensenada in April, so Ill get to see the people again. Praise God!!!

Please pray for Kelsey, Giezi and I, as we are traveling from Mexico City to Costa Rica by bus, and we need finances and lots of patience…

Beautiful Ensenada!!!!! <3


By the boulevard  in Ensenada, they have some pretty nice christmas decorations.... Haha, I took some pics of the funny ones... Hahaaa!


Giezi, Sarvia, Indra, Bryan, Kathy, Efrain and me went to a coffee shop to play Poker (YAY I won), and got hooked on a new game called Sorry. Even though Giezi and I lost it was lots of fun. Its pretty much an adult version of Ludo, which none of them had heard about before...


Christmas is over, but we still have had a lot of fun on base. Yesterday we went to this indoor soccer place, where JUCUM (YWAM, UIO) played against people from Oscars church. I don’t really know who won, it was pretty even, and a lot of fun. Met a guy names Raul there, an old Mexican guy who was cheering for Mexico and not the Gringo team. Um, Mitch was the only gringo on the team, but oh well… Jacob and I got to talk a little bit to him, and he seemed cool. 

mandag, desember 29, 2008


Christmas is over, and I had fun. It started out the 23rd when we had a christmas service in Church. Pretty fun!

Indra was directing the choir. 

Bryan was Santa.
The kids/youths were singing
and this was the closest I came to Lucia this year...

After the service, we had some fun, and then Efrain, Giezi, Sarvia, Indra, Bryan, Jacob and I went to Applebees.
The girls... and Efrain
The beautiful Nino ninos. :) I love them all!
Indra and Bryan.
Haha- the boys.
Applebees!!! Sarvia, Indra and Bryan.

Jacob and me

Buena Noche 2008

Christmas eve 2008 started out with me celebrating it Norwegian Style for a little bit... Not the same as when I do it IN Norway, but fine... :)

This was my Christmas Tree with the presents... :) It was the tallest thing I could find!!! Make out of wood. Kinda....

Jul I Blåfjell, Kakao med krem og rundstykke med Nugatti. Alt hører hjemme!!

Og Marie var en ENGEL og sendte Tre Nøtter Til Askepott til meg så jeg fikk inn litt stemning på den måten og!

After my "longing back to Norway" time, and talking to Mamma, Pappa, Mathias, Tobias and Bestemor (and wondering why I was not with them), Sarvia and I went downtown, and stoped by the christmas tree Shanie and I decorated. That was the one and only christmas tree I decorated this year...

Ornaments.. haha
Christmas Tree and Palm Tree
..and then Sarvia and I went to Starbucks to have coffee!!

Later at night, I went to the Ninos house for christmas Dinner. It was WAY different than Norway, but a LOT of fun, good food and AMAZING people!

Indra was the chef. Turkey!
Sarvia and I!
Giezi and Pastor Nino!
Indra and Giezi. 
Mama y Papa Nino
We sang a couple of Christmas songs, and Pastor Nino had a devotional. 
And then we had dessert: Norwegian Brownies, cinnamon roles, apple pie and cake. Yummy. 
Indra the reindeer. 
Giezi and the packets we had for "dirty Santa"
Sarvia as a reindeer. 
Me as a reindeer. 
and Giezi as a mix of a reindeer and a burrogito. 
Dirty Santa

Then, when I came home, my roomie Sheril could tell me that Sam had bought us a christmas tree cause she though it was so sad that we didnt have any... Its about.. um 25 cm tall... I like it. 


lørdag, desember 13, 2008


Shanie I mexico!!

Shanie was here!!!!! She was here for 8 days, 3 of them which we spend in San Diego, and it was great! It was so good to have her here, and the people here LOVED her (and you are SO welcome to come back Shanie!!!!). She was a “mission builder” with me, helping out in the café and in the kitchen. Luckily we didn’t have any team that week, so we had a lot of time just to hang out. We went around and saw Mexico, was hanging out with my friends here on base, did some cool stuff, like decorating a Christmas three (story is written below), going to La Buffadora, Down Town, driving around in Jessy and Ingvars neighborhood for like 1 hour, shopping, and sooo much more. I LOVED having you here, Shanie, you are great!!!

Jeg hentet Shanie hos Jessy og barna, så her er jeg med de søte små; Kaiya og Teyus.
Mamma og Pappa sende med en bursdags hilsen fra Ingrid Haugli, og der fikk jeg med et FLAX-lodd! Jeg vant 25 kroner! Sweeet!!
Us by the mexican flag!

Ok; so Christmas tree story… Shanie and I were walking down town, by the big flag, and there were two guys there decorating a Christmas tree. So we went over and asked if we could help them…. They said yes! ;) And so we did…. J It really wasn’t that much fun, but ok. And the Christmas tree looks REALLY good, every time I go down town, or just drive past it (which I have a lot lately) I think of Shanie! J So it’s a good memory too!!! 

We made cookies like always!
La Buffadora! We drove up there, spending about 1 hour there, shopping a little bit, and watching the blowhole. Pretty exciting. Not. There were like 5 other while people there, se we were able to get some nice deals!

I love you Shanie!

We drove up to the top of the mountain where we can look over all of Ensenada. The girls got the back of the truck, it was a sweet ride. Kinda cold but thats ok. 
This place is one of my favorites in Ensenada, overlooking everything, beautiful day and night, and it keep amazes me how beautiful and big this city is!!!

Giezi and me. And Ensenada. 
Giezi, Shanie and Taylor!
Meredith is doing her DTS here, and Im gonna miss her SO SO much!!

Shanie, Cesar, Me, Meredith, Giezi and Taylor 
I love these people!!
I think Giezi was a little intimated by her hight... ALAGOMA!
Jeeping on the beach..

Buying Pinata with Kathy and Giezi for the DTS party. 

Ok, so heres the deal; Shanie is taller than an average Mexican, and Anais and Sarvia are small. Shanie is not a giant... 
Niiice. Koser oss med kaffe på cafetomas
Oh, Its the OSLO sign (on of the streets are called that)
Shanie er veldig fornøyd da iallefall... Ikke dårlig bare det! :)
Um, the story here is really long, but Giezi ended up having to step out of the car to order in the drive thru... To focus or something... Um, i dunno...
Hanging out in the car waiting for the movie to start...
He got his food...

Tacos with Giezi and Taylor
Me and Shanie with beautiful Tianna.

Right before I had to leave Shanie (well, not really, we still had a 1 hour drive around in the Olsens neighborhood in front of us). Chula Vista Mall with Jake and Erika.

The New Property


Like most of you know, YWAM San Diego/Baja is building a new base, moving form Tijuana Las Playas to Tijuana Del Mar. It as an old camp ground that we are building on, and now the first phase is close to done. That makes it possible to move the base right after Christmas, from a base that’s been temporary for like 10 years, to a brand new base. From a base where you there are two doors with room for about 30 people in each and all the staff and student live in apartments off base, to a base that’s going to room 4 University Of The Nations Schools, and with beds for about 800 people. What a Change!!!

Anyways- the reason why we were there was to dedicate the property to God and give thanks to Him. After all, every penny used to build the first phase (and the next 3), are collected by fundraising! We were there from Monday to Wednesday this week, sleeping at the old base in La Playas (or in the vans to get away from snoring and sounds…), and then spend the whole day at the new property. It was great, lovely and amazing! God did so much work in us as staff and His promises for this new base are AMAZING. So yeah, God is Good. 

The first day we did a prophetic act with all the nationalities in San Diego/Baja reprecented. Sense Ingvar and Jessy are home in Norway for vacation I had to be Norway myself- alone- and it went ok, I would say. Um, its not really that much to mess up. The only thing that keeps surprising me is that no other country seem to have the rule "no flag on the ground" rule my parents though me during May 17th when I grew up... And I have to say that my pride over Norway gets a little bit hurt every time I see them just bundle up all the flags and putting them on the ground when we are done with them... hmm...
A little fight over what flag is the best...
This is Hillary, the is half Norwegian... But her dad i black. 
The Mexicans singing their National Anthem. 
Chrissy from Germany and Meredith

Chrissy and me

Christmas Party

Yesterday we had a Christmas party here on base. It was pretty fun, it was a costume party, and most of us dressed up, more or less….

Omar and Jared with their kids.
Me and Sarv
Bob Marley and Amy Whinehouse. 

So life is good, Ive been in San Diego a couple of times this week, last time I was there for like 1 hour, and that was it, but it was still good to be outside the base for a little while… I love the base though, it is great here, but hey: I like changes too!! A sad change is coming up pretty soon though: the DTS is leaving for their Outreach to Tecate, Peru and Pachuca tomorrow. Its gonna be sad not having them around, they are like the second best DTS ever on this base every! Mine was the best… J