søndag, juni 28, 2009

Alright, time for another blog update...

I am still good. I love Hamar during the summer!!!! Its super nice out, Koigen is crowded with people, and we hang out all the time!! 
Right now I am actually stuck on the couch, icing my ankle... I twisted it trying to walk over the stonefencethingy at Koigen about 1 hour ago. Result: I had to call into work and tell them I couldnt make it, just because I simply cannot walk, at least not yet. I feel bad for my colleagues, but what to do!? Nothing.... 

Norway is nice. I havent been doing a whole lot these past weeks, but what I have done has been meaningful and good. Ive gotten to see a lot of people, talked a lot, had a couple of coffees, had some bbqs, chilled out, and most recently: worked! And thats whats on my calendar for the next couple of weeks too, no counting the AFS goodbye camp Im leading next week. Its gonna be grand. 

No pictures, i dont have a camera anymore and I find it surprisingly nice not having to feel like I have to take pics all the time... But I will try to get one soon, whenever I get money.... haha

See you!

lørdag, juni 13, 2009

Home, Sweet Home. 

I am home. In Norway. 

And I miss Mexico, but in a good way... And I have fallen in LOVE with Norway, once again! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! When i came back after my DTS I was miserable, for some time, but this time... aaaah, NORWAY!!! 

...I still wonder when I cant find a trash can next to the toilet, I struggle to keep the speed limit and not go 20 over, that the sun doesnt set before like midnight still freaks me out and that there are NO taco stands on the corner, open to like 4am. 

...but I love Norway!

tirsdag, juni 09, 2009

So Long, farewell…


Pues, aqui estoy en la cama de la Erika en San Diego, California. Aiiii santo!!!


Another season of my life is over. The last couple of years it feels like Ive had a lot of seasons. While Kindergarten, Elementary School and Middle School all were seasons that took place over many years, these past seasons has been short, but oh so full of fun and knowledge… My year as a foreign exchange students in Kansas, senior year of highschool, 6 months of working, DTS, 4 months of working, and then these past 8 months of serving as a missionary, in so many ways. But now it is over. Wendnesday I can finish the chapter and close the book, and my goal has been to finish it off with an explanation point!


I am done!


…not to mention sad. Its been such a great experience, understanding more of who God is, and learn so much about myself and other people. I find myself back at the point I was exactly one year ago, when I wrote in my journal about how life is never going be the same again. Ever. Back then I had just finished my DTS, and I was chilling out in Ensenada until June 10th, before I started on the trip back to Norway. June 10th this year, I will take the train to LA where Jenny is meeting me, and after hanging out with her for some hours, Im gonna board my plane to Oslo, with a layover in London. I am going back home. Just like I did last year. And the feeling is the same- things will never, EVER, be the same again.

I am not sad. Really; I am not. I am so so SO thankful!! I have had an amazing year, a second DTS you might say, and I have had so much fun! Yeah, life has sucked too. My everyday life was not like a DTS, where you are in a bobble and people invest in you 24/7. But God has been so faithful during these last months, and I am so thankful. He gave me the opportunity to come back to beautiful Mexico, and I got to invest in people. And see a whole different perspective of a YWAM life. Not only by not being in the DTS, but also by letting me travel and see other bases, different lifestyles and new people.


I have loved it.


Ok, so I am a little sad… But not in a bad way. I knew it had to come to an end, and June 10th has been on my calendar sense like September. Still, the last couple of months went by so fast, and I have no idea what happened to this last week… But that’s how it always is. And I am ready. For change, for new challenges. It is good. It is going to be good. And Im excited. 

But nothing will ever be the same.


I was hard saying goodbye. I left early this morning with Erika, she came down to visit and pick me up. Last night I said goodbye to some, this morning some, and there were some I never got to say goodbye to. But hey- its YWAM- its never “goodbye”, its “see you later”!!!


This year has changed my life. And formed my life. Changed who I am. How I think. Now I am sitting here, in San Diego, amazed by what God has done and how he works. I am going home. All my plans changed during this year. I am going home, home, to Hamar, to study at Hihm and work with my church. Nothing like I expected, but then I have stoped believe in expectations anyways, cause they will only let you down. Not in this negative way, but honestly; if you expect something you always have to exclude something else. And by doing that you put limits on people, God or things. And somehow you will end up getting disappointed. Getting an A- on a test when you expected an A disappoints you. And then it doesn’t help if A- is a super good grade. For you it is still gonna suck because your expectations were different. So don’t expect- believe. Have faith! If you have pure faith you do not exclude anything.


Sorry, this ended up being a lot of talking. I am done, I am off to bed, I running LOW on energy after a week of carelessness when it came to curfews, 5-6 hours of sleep every night, and just a lot of things happening. And last night ended at like 3am, and this morning started about 3,5 hours of restless sleep after, so I am dead. Almost. (and that would be the excuse for all the spelling mistakes, I am not even gonna read over this to correct it).






..next step…

Just some random pictures from my last week in Ensenada.
Sienna Darling... Isnt she beautiful? 
They look like they´re in love, but they are not. They are just great!!
Baja 500 is a known big rase that starts in Ensenada, and this time Giezi, Martin, Jacob and I went to pre run the race from like 9pm to 2am. It was awesome, dusty and fun. Im gonna miss Giezi´s jeep. 

Ana Gaby and Amanda threw me a goodbye Party!! It was so fun and so great and I love these people!!

Walter was the Carne Asada man- it was like a real tacostand!!! haha!!
JP, sarvia, Paola, Jacob, Giezi and I went out for one last lunch at Baja Fruit after church on sunday. I loooove these people!!

fredag, juni 05, 2009

This is one of my favorite babies on base! Haha! This is so adorable, and her parents are some GREAT people that I love and know I will miss like crazy when Im back in Norway!

tirsdag, juni 02, 2009

Puerto Vallarta!!

YWAM San Diego/Baja went to Puerto Vallarta to go to the Mexican YWAM conference. It was great! Me and Amanda were the only single ladies from Ensenada, and we had fun! It was a great group that went to the conference, and we all hang out and loved it! It was great both spiritual and physical- after all we were staying at Paradise Resort and Spa.... It was SWEET, and nothing like a normal YWAM gathering... Sense Robbie had missed the message that we were to leave the 31, we got an extra day by the amazing swimming pool, and also some time to distress, and just enjoy it before we headed back to reality in Ensenada. There were many topics- like how MegaCities is gonna be in Mexico City in 2010- and it is going to be great!! It was also a lot of fun seeing known people again, the Pachuca base was there and so was Bere and Usba, who did their SOW with Giezi in Costa Rica. 
Amanda and I became friends with Ana - a lady who worked at the starbucks we went to, um, too many times a day... 
Amazing was what it was!!! 

There were three of them... They smelled! But it was kinda cool! We walked past them everyday to go to Starbucks!
Our room! Wow- it was the cheapest... All the rooms are at least junior suites!! 
Starbucks and Internet time!!
That would be out base director and beautiful Meghan talking about how the Ensenada base is doing!
ai ai, free drinks! Amanda and I became friends with a guy that worked on the hotel, and he invited us to the Welcome Show, so we went! it was interesting!! :)
Haha, they had a show!! Tonje, du ville elska dette!!
We went out for dinner, YWAM San Diego/Baja + two of the speakers of the conference. This is me, Lindsay and Robbie!
William, Pepe and Kody!
Bere and me!
Kanskje ikke helt normal UIO stemning over det...
Pepe y Ryder!
adios paradise! 
Robbie, Lindsay and me!
Murillo Family!
Welcome to Tijuana!