tirsdag, juli 22, 2008

When The Wendts Came To Visit...

My host family from Kansas, USA came to visit me last week! They were here for 1 week, and we traveled around in Norway and saw lot of things! We had tons of fun, even though the girls though Norway was way to cold....

Jenny (and Marie and Tonje) came to visit me while I was in the US, so she spend one day with us, and we ran into this old fellow- Helge. 
In Oslo...
Kelli and Lisa!
Family pic!
Me and my two brothers!
Mathias and I

They were SO cute!

Dad, Mathias, Pappa, Tobias, Lisa and mom

On the top -  we hiked Prekestolen


Fake Vikings.. haha
The car! Lisa, Tobias, Kelli and I!

søndag, juli 13, 2008

I have been in Ålesund!

With Marie and Jenny to visit Tonje at her cabin! It was lots of fun, I hadn´t seen Tonje sense January! We went to the City of Ålesund, to Lyspunktet and Fjellstua and stuff, and we also just hang out at her cabin. Lots of fun!! Pics Pics Pics...

Tonje´s family owns this train, so we got a ride for free! Its a tourist train that takes you around in Ålesund. Great!
At Fjellstua
Grille Pølser!
Maisen er i slaget!

Tonje and I. I love her!!
Jan viser frem gamle speider kunnskaper. 
Mais griller pølser som vanlig..

søndag, juli 06, 2008

Back Home...

Just some pictures from my travels around in the continent of North America... As you all might know, I went to Wichita, Kansas, Kitchener, Onario, Canada and New York City on my way back from Mexico.... In Kansas Lisa, Kelli and I tagged dad car (and the rest of the family´s) because he turned 50. We also went down town with Lisa´s boyfriend Andrew and took pics by a statue down there (you can kinda see Andrew in the pic).

In Ontario, Jenn turned 19 and I also got to go and see Niagara Fall, which was actually REALLY nice.. I´m not a touristy person...

New York City was amazing, and I had 2 full days to do whatever I wanted... It was great! I went to see all the touristy things, I just didnt do them... And then I went and saw Rent- the musical, which was just as amazing as the movie! Yay for that. ...and lucky for me I was actually (without planing on it...) there for Gay Parade... Interesting....

So I´m back in good old Norway.. Been here for almost a week now. The last 4 days Ive spend at an AFS camp in Skjeberg, I spend most of the day and last night at Gardermoen Airport, sending AFS students back home... It was super sad!!! Its hard to think about the fact that they have been here for 1 year already, it feels like last week I picked them up at the airport, took them out to Skjeberg Folkehøyskole and tough them their first Norwegian words... Now their all almost fluent... Wow- time goes by fast!!! I sounds like a mother- i know- but in a way I feel like one too... It´s super hard to see them leave cause I´ve gotten to know "mine" so well... and now they´re gone!!

It´s been good seeing friends and family again, and I´ve had a lot of fun hanging out with everybody! The summers in Norway are GREAT! We´ve started a trend cutting all the boy´s hair, so on Marie and my first day back in the good old country, David was the one that had to go... we had fun while getting the job done... We´ve also been in Ankerskogen, playing Soccer. It´s something else playing soccer on grass there than on the concrete in Ensenada... Haha