tirsdag, januar 27, 2009


Sorry!! Im back I promise! But Im not promising too many pics, and none on this post.. but an update about my life, you will get!!

So, I am still here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Ill just give you a quick overlook over what Ive been up to so far: 10 quick facts about my life!!

1)Im in my second week of my language school, and on wednesday I talked politics on Spanish for 2 hours with my two other classmates.... 
2)I have figured out that the grammar class I take every tuesday morning is SUPER boring, but SUPER necessary!
3)Kelsey and I have been hanging out with Mimi. I loved it! 
4) I went out with the Millers old foreign exchange student last week! fun!
5)I forget to take pics
6)I have joined the local gym. Its pretty small, super nice and very expensive, but I get to work out (and for once in my life I have time for it, so Im there almost every day), and they have HOT SHOWERS!!! That was one of my main reasons for joining. 
7) Saturday a bunch of us went out for karaoke, and I must say that the School Of Worship guys are REALLY talented!!! 
8)Yesterday the boys played soccer in Parque Bosque. It was fun, not Ensenada, but it felt sooo good to hang out by a soccer court again!
9) I have gotten my work duty schedule, and its pretty intense, but it will work out. 
10) I still have no idea when I am suppose to return to Ensenada, but I will sometime i february and I am staffing Spring Mission Adventures. 

Thats it! :) Just a short one to say that Im still alive. Enjoy and Ill be back with more!!

onsdag, januar 21, 2009

just some pics..
meeting up with mimi, sophie and ella!

Warner, Suzanne, Debra and Kelsey!
my bed! (the top one..)
We went downtown! In front the Ensenada Team; Me, Kelsey and Giezi, in the back, Suzanne and Jeff.
Children At Risk Staff Jessie´s birthday party!
Suzanne and Brianna sang her a song.
And then the boys decided to make every song they sang dedicated to Jessie... 

Brianna (top) and Suzanne (bottom) are doing the Children At Risk school, and we are the cool gang. Hahaaaaa!

This is Erika who I´m doing the Language school with. We have a korean team here for 3 weeks, and they wrote down our names in korean one time we drove with them to school!

mandag, januar 19, 2009

Costa Rica!


So Im here, at the San Jose base. I can promise you that its been quite a change, from amazing and big Ensenada, to a lot smaller and not known San Jose. I share room with 3 now; Kelsey, Elena and Karina. Elena is from El Salvador, while Karina is local. Together we share bathrooms with what seems like 100 girls (at least when you are trying to take a shower in the morning…), but in reality I think we are like 15 or 20. The San Jose base is pretty much just two normal houses made into a base, so at the house where I live we eat all our meals (and I also sleep here, together with my roommates, all the DTS girls and some DTS staff), and at the other house (where Giezi and all the other boy students, the rest of the CAR girls and all the SOW girls sleep), we have classrooms. I LOVE the CAR classroom!! Its really small, but super cute. Pictures will come.

So: as I said, the line for the shower in the morning is looong, but thankfully (or not) im so lucky to have gotten the work duty ”Breakfast prep and clean up”. And luckily (im really trying to be positive…) breakfast at this base is at 6:30 in the morning!! So, there are both good and negative things about that: the negative is that I have to get up like SUPER early every single morning, the positive is that normally no one else is up so early, so I can take a shower (that means that I have to be up at around 5:15-5:30 ish…………….), and another good thing about the timing is that normally not even half of the base show up for breakfast, so we dont have too much dishes…


The school I went here to take is called “children at risk”. Its about….um, children at risk… I believe its an amazing school, but not for me… actually… During this first week I got to know a lot more about what the school is about (all I knew when I came was the name of it), and we got challenged by our speaker about where our role was and what our desires are and stuff. And what I found, was that my desires, by vision for the future, are not the same as this school. I feel like Im it a crossroad in my life, and that the children at risk school is going to the left, while me myself and I is going to the right. And it feels right! So, after a lot of praying and a lot of talking with my leaders and co students, Ive decided to leave the school. And I feel nothing but peace. Some of you might think that it was stupid of me coming all the way down here to figure out that it was all wrong for me; but I am soooo happy to be here! This week has been amazing, Ive learned soooo much about God and myself, and I really truly to have a clearer view of my future. Not all the answers, but more… And I am going to stay here on base, and go to a local language school here in San Jose with a new friend of mine; Erika, at least for a month. And I am SO looking forward to that! And after that I will be going back to Ensenada, and hopefully (if my roomie will let me) staff Spring Mission Adventures. Yay!!

So God has been good and faithful, and as normal He works in different ways than what I predict and think… He amazes me more and more.


So its all good, Im liking it here. Its not that much to say. Oh hold on: the day after I got here, I got to meet up with Sophie and Ella!! They are travelling around the world for 4 months, and right now they are here in San Jose! Well, they were…. So we meet up at the mall here, and together with them was MIMI!! Yay! Mimi was a foreign exchange student with AFS the year after I got back from Kansas, so we were hanging out then, and it was so nice seeing here again!!! She lives here in San Jose, so Ill probably see more to her! Yay! So that was exciting!




mandag, januar 12, 2009

Finally there….


The last couple of the roadtrip was kinda interesting…. We stopped in Nicaragua for a night, and got offered a lot: Pot, heroine… whatever we would like. Haha.

We do have a lot of interesting stories, but Ill tell more later: at the moment Im at McDonalds, cause the internet on base doesn’t work….


The base and the school seems ok though, and fun. Challenging however, so we will how it goes!!

Giezi got a friend at the border....

The nicaraguan highway.... If this road had been better I think we could have made it in half the time!

Trying to get a hold of the YWAM base in San Jose cause we were 1 day later than we had told them... didnt work.. Long live Facebook!!!!

Waiting for the bus in Nicaragua.. 
Our passports.. 
At the border, trying to get out of Nicaragua!
We couldn´t find anything to eat, this was all... so we bought like 8 bags.... !!

Beautiful Costa Rica

Finally in Costa Rica!!

fredag, januar 09, 2009

EL SALVADOR           


So, we are in El Salvador. Its pretty fun! The bus trip from Guatemala and here, did not go as expected. When we came to the Ticabus station, they told there were no more tickets, so we had to ask the guy that drove us from Antigua to take us somewhere else. He took us to a bus station where we took the King Quality bus, which was more expensive, but it was way better buses. Kinda felt like an airplane; movies and a girl serving us food and giving us a blanket and pillow. Pretty sweet.

We arrived in San Salvador, and Kelseys friend Nestor met us at the bus station, and we walked to the YWAM base here in town. Its small, but super cute and I love the people!!!  The first night they took us out to a coffee shop by a mall, and the next day to the beach and then Nestor, Giezi, Kelsey and I went out for dinner. Oh and we had ice cream! Yummi!!! So, we were suppose to leave San Salvador last night (like 3 am), but we were too late in trying to book the tickets, so we had to stay here another day. No worries though, we love it here!! But tomorrow we have to leave, and we don’t know if we are spending a night in Managua, Nicaragua, or just go strait to Costa Rica,  at the moment. Its all good.


The border!

Me and Nestor
Out for coffee.
We went to the beach. We left Kelsey in the backseat, while me and Giezi took our spot back on the truck. Ahh, it was a NICE ride!! I wish it was legal in Norway...


On the way from the beach we stopped by this little tienda by the way and bough coconut jucie. 
Fresh Coconut...
Out for Ice Cream!
Timos brother Simo. So, I was talking to Simo and said that we had an estonian guy doing his DTS in Norway last year, and he was like "that´s my brother". Haha. 
David´s friend Jessie! Haha! Small world. David took his SOW when Jessie took her DTS in Montana in like 2005.