mandag, januar 22, 2007


So, Jenny, Marie, Tonje, Pål and I went to Oslo to visit the one and only Kristian Rem this weekend. And we were lucky: David came from Skien to join us! I had to work friday and early saturday, so I ended up taking the train in the afternoon saturday, while the others 4 drove in (Jenny IS a good driver!!!) friday evening.

The weekend was filled with a lot of fun. It was an "almost-snow-storm", so we used the public transportation a lot, but oh well... Saturday night we went to a concert to see our friend Anette. It was a lot of fun. Then we went home to Kristians and after a late night we went to bed... Sunday morning Jenny, Marie, Tonje and I woke up and the boys had made us breakfast! 10 points to them! After breakfast Kristian left to play a soccer game, while the rest of us cleaned up after ourselfs.... Then the 5 of us who were going to Hamar/Stange drove off, while the rest (that would be David...) took the train back home to Skien. We were suppose to stop in Eidvoll to see Kristians match, but you can say we got a bit delayed, and ended up only see 2. half. Kirstians team won 3-0. Yay for that. We were freezing so we sat inside watching (or at least Tonje, Pål and I did). And then we went home...
Tonje and Kristian preparing dinner...

Tz,jådd,påliz&mais in the snoooow

Kristian still has the christmas feeling...

Going to bed...

Kristian saying goodnight to David.

Soccer in the snow..

Kristian really knows what girls likes... he baked some cinnamonrolles (norwegian ones- they're even better than the ones at cici's) and we ate them while watching the game.

Marty & Tz

tirsdag, januar 16, 2007

Still alive...

So.. school has deff started after christmas, and we've had a bunch of tests and other boring (and some fun) stuff going on... We'll get our semester grades next week, so that's kinda exciting... Not. lol.
Other than that nothing is new. just figured i would post something to tell you all i'm alive! i got some pics, but this computer is so slow, so i'll wait!


mandag, januar 08, 2007

And all the girls said...


... all night long!

December 26th is like the biggest party night ever in Hamar, Norway. I went over to my wondefull friend Hege and had a blast! When I get my driverslicence I'll drive all of you downtown so you don't have to call someone else. I love you, also when you're not drunk.

Think they're trying to be lions or something...
Ingrid and Hege..

It really does have a good

...and here they're moneys!

Oh yeah, I love them! Lene, Mari, Ingrid and Hege


The christmastree, Ingrid and lene

Mari, me and Hege


Lene and Mari

tirsdag, januar 02, 2007


Just some pics from the new years eve dinner and party. At 12 pm we went outside to watch all the fireworks. It was a lot of fun, and after that we went back in side continuing the worshp. I went to bed around 5ish, so the day after I was sooo tired. lol.

mandag, januar 01, 2007

Happy new year!

So, the last 4 days I've been hanging around at Grimerud (YWAM base close to Hamar). New years festival. A lot of fun. Good friends. Food. Coffee. God. Worship. Fireworks. Meetings. Late nights. Early mornings. Prikkedøden. Ahh- awesome! Even though "myth busters" found out that the myth "A picture says more than 1000 words" is wrong, I'm still gonna use it.... I'll post some more pics from last night later...

Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a lot of blessings. Take care. Even though I wont be able to see all of you in 2007, I will think of you!