onsdag, desember 06, 2006

Back in business...

These girls lighten up my everyday life!

It's been a while... still, i'm not that bad at updating blogs, like I would say Jan Erik and Eirik are... Lol.

So life's been buzy, just got finished with my english exams yesterday, so now I'm pretty much enjoying life. Went home after my oral test yesterday, and figured out how much we really need english today. It took me about 10 minutes before I used to microwave (where everything is english). After an hour the TV and the computer was on, and before I went to bad I started up reading that one book I've put aside for a while because of school. And it's all in english. And then I went to Jenny's for scones and kozåhygge. sweet.

So, I don't have anything fun to tell really, but here's a pic of three wonderful girls in my class. Everyday life.

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