torsdag, juni 26, 2008

.... Im in Canada!

Just so you know... I dont have pictures or anything yet- but just wanted to let you know that im alive and LOVING Canada! Im visiting my friend Jenn from my DTS and it was AMAZING to see her again, and its AMAZING being here! Jenn turned 19 yesterday (which is like turning 18 in Norway and 21 in the US), so that was great fun! Ill add some pics later...
Um, yeah, so Im going back home... On sunday... Ill be heading for New York City on friday, and then leaving to go back home to Norway sunday night.. Ill be in Hamar on monday. And then my 6 months are over... Weird.. Im not gonna lie- its super sad!! But I guess it will be good seing everybody again!

Ok, so long!

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Marie sa...

martine! det blir kos å komme hjem! jeg kommer rett etter!