tirsdag, juli 22, 2008

When The Wendts Came To Visit...

My host family from Kansas, USA came to visit me last week! They were here for 1 week, and we traveled around in Norway and saw lot of things! We had tons of fun, even though the girls though Norway was way to cold....

Jenny (and Marie and Tonje) came to visit me while I was in the US, so she spend one day with us, and we ran into this old fellow- Helge. 
In Oslo...
Kelli and Lisa!
Family pic!
Me and my two brothers!
Mathias and I

They were SO cute!

Dad, Mathias, Pappa, Tobias, Lisa and mom

On the top -  we hiked Prekestolen


Fake Vikings.. haha
The car! Lisa, Tobias, Kelli and I!

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