torsdag, august 17, 2006

So, I guess the uploading pics thingy still doesn't work... I'll try to work on that later. This computer has way to much security on it, so that might be a problem... lol.

Lately I've been missing Kansas a lot. Talked to Jane the other day, and that was pretty cool. It's kinda awkward sitting here and remember so much from last year. At this time I would have been in Marble, Colorado hiking with the Kenagys. Well, I'm not. I'm still here in good, old Hamar. On a way I'm pleased. I like it here. Being away from it a whole year, I still know most of the streets and stuff. It took me while, but now I'm back in business. I'm still driving the wrong way in some of our one-way streets though, but it will work out. I've lived here basicly all my life (moved here from Oslo when I was 5, but I don't really think of Oslo as my home..), and this is here i have my life too... Some say that life starts when you move out and away from your parents. Others, like Marie, says it starts when you take DTS. I don't agree. My life has deffintely started, and I don't have to move away or go to a special school to understand that. I knew it before I left, and I know it even more now. It's kinda awkward. On this time next year I'll be done with school. And I have to figure out what I want to do with my life. I don't feel old enough at all. This is my life, and I love it. I don't want things to change to be honest. Things are great. But I know they will, and I'm not planing on getting stuck here, when everybody else are running around in the world doing great stuff. So I guess I'll just have to work out my feelings and get a life. Just like I had to the months in Wichita, when I was so ready to go back home, even though it was months away. Then I wanted to go back to my life... And now I'm here...
Being so far away for such a long time really does something to you... Now I appriciate a lot more things over here. Like not having to drive everywhere. I still do though, but that's only because I have Jenny's scooter. Well, yeah, anyway, I do LOVE Hamar a lot more now than earlier, but that might be because schools out, and we don't have curfews and usaually stays up to WAY past midnight. And wakes up at noon. lol. Yeah well, I still miss Kansas. It's really awkward. I have 2 homes now, here and with the Wendts in Wichita, KS. And I love both places, even though I know I'll never go back to the US except for visiting. The year was hard in so many ways, but I know I grew a lot and stuff, so it was worth it... Yeah.

Okey, so this post got kinda crazy, but that's kinda how my feeling are, so you'll have to survive... I miss all you AFS & Kansas people a lot! But I love it here! So yeah, mixed feelings... I know all you other foreign exchange students knows what I'm talking about... The rest of you... well, good luck, cause I don't think you will ever know...

Enjoy the last week of summer vacation, Norway, and have fun at school Wichita!

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