søndag, august 06, 2006

A house, a lake, 3 cars and 14 friends....

...and Sweden!!!

Last saturday 9 of my friends met up and went to Holsjunga in Sweden (about 1 southeast of Gøteborg) were 3 lovely girls were waiting for us. It took us about 10 hours to get there, but don't worry, we didn't drive all the time... Sunday Jenny and Andreas came after, so from sunday- saturday we were 14 teenagers living in the same building. It was AWESOME!

We had a great time, even though the weather sucked for the most part.... It ended up being som long nights and some late mornings... Helene, Pål and I woke Andreas and Øyvind up at 1 pm and they got PISSED! Helene and I had to pay for that later that day- with water. I was wet all trough my clotes after being carried into the shower... Not funny guys!!!!

We went to Liseberg wednesday.... It was raining a lot, but we still had fun! Liseberg is an amusement park with a lot of rides. It was fun! I'm not the biggest rollercoster fan so Krisin, Stefan, Jo Yngve and I went shopping in the City of Gøteborg in the morning and didn't get into the park before like 7 pm. It was still worth it... The hunted house in that place is creapy!!!

The house we lived in was an old home for elderly, so we all had rooms with 2 beds. we had a lot of fun playing poker, singing and playing guitar and going swimming at 5 in the morning... The last night some of the boys got make up on too! Going home was fun too, and we ended up by the churck were the car with all the luggage droped off all the stuff, and then the 2 other cars would come and pick it up later. My car got there, and we had to pee so bad we kinda broke into one of the guys (Pål's) house to go to the bathroom! Lol. No worries- we got promision, so... lol

The uploading pics thing is kinda not working right now, so I'll be back with more pics later!

Until then, so long!

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