fredag, november 03, 2006


So I woke up at around 7:30, when Marie and Helene called me. They were singing... Then my mom, dad, brothers and grandparents came and woke me up again. They where singing... And then I got a whole lot of presents!!
Oh yeah, it's my birthday! You American guys don't know that I'm talking about. Cause you don't to stuff like this. But in Norway this is how we do it! We totally wake eachother up. With singing and presents. And the greatest thing of them all- I'm turning 18 today! YAY. Now I can drink, drive, vote, smoke and get in to all the clubs. yay....
But I'm leaving today, for a think in Tønsberg calles "Get Focused". So yeah, I wont be home the whole day. That's why I'm writing this note so early.
...and I'll get back to you with more. But here's some pics from this morning.

Ok, so this is not really normal- the things they're holding is like... uhh... somthing we got in thailand during our christmas break in 2004. we had to leave early, cause of the tsunami, and I guess my mom and dad found out that today was a good day to use it.... it was noisy, but pretty hilarious!

2 kommentarer:

Sven sa...

Happy birthday! Have a good one

Honningdal.jr sa...

martine-mor! prøvde visst forgjeves å sende deg en gratulasjonsmelding idag, men fant ut av tonje senere at du hadde visst nytt nummer.. uansett; GRATULERER MED DAGEN!!!!!! Klem til deg fra meg!