søndag, mars 11, 2007


Tonje and I went to Skien this weekend. Yay. It was fun. Like a lot. We used a whole lot of time from Oslo to Skien, and Eirik got worried, but it all worked out. I'm just a safe driver!! Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast, and then we went over to Davids house. There we ate some more breakfast- David's a good cheif and made us french toasts! yay!

The whole weekend was filled with a lot of good times, and I even got to watch the first episode of One Three Hill. Yay. Here's some pics.

David and the food...

Sol, Marie, Me, David and Tonje

Sol, Marie and me

Saturday - shopping.
Me, David, Eirik and Tonje

Sunday morning; Eirik and David making us pancakes.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

åååå... jeg skulle så vært med dere! sukk...!

Martine sa...

det skulle du så vist lene, vi savna deg!

coffee-shine sa...

SAVN!! Godt aa se dere hygger dere altsaa..Men littebitte misunnelig maa jeg faa lov til aa bli, eller hva?

Gleder meg max til aa se deg og alle sammen igjen :D