søndag, mars 11, 2007


Just some pics from our yearly cross-country skiing/snowboarding/down-hill skiing/playing in the snow/iceskating/gateorientering/doing-nothing day at my school. I went to Budor with a whole bunch of people, and I did the whole "doing nothing"- thing. Yap. It was freezing, but we did bbq, so yeah. And then the last two hours we went to this café thing, and played "boms and president". It's almost as fun as "hands and foot", and yeah it's a card game.

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Kaja sa...

jeg savner skidagen! tro det eller ei.. og jeg og, martine, brukte dagen paa aa gjoere ikkeno... det var goey:) snoe er fint, og du er vakker vennen min. savner deg