torsdag, mai 15, 2008

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the delay in updates, outreach is going by pretty fast, and there’s a lot to do… And we don’t have wireless where we live, so it’s all about the internet cafes…

So we’re in Tepic, Nargarit. It’s a pretty small town, Mexican size, about 300 000 hab. We’ve been here for over 1 week now, and a lot of fun things have happened… We went to a village right outside the town here, and had an open air. The people there have had little or no contact with Christians before, and during the meeting 6 adults and a bunch of kids accepted Christ. Pretty cool. We’ve also been at a hospital praying for the kids there, and one of the moms accepted Christ there too. Awesome, huh?

Tym Kemp, our DTS leader, came to visit us last week. It was fun having a new person in the group, and I think he had fun as well.

Monday we went to the beach, San Blas, and had our freeday there. It was a lot of fun- Jon C though the girls how to surf, and the waves where perfect. Not too big, not too small. By the way- the Pueblo new to the beach is not any fun at all. We learned that the hard way….

The day after we arrived in Tepic, Savanna and Paloma meet up with us, and they are both going to stay with us for the rest of outreach. It’s great having the whole team together, but I guess you all can imagine it’s pretty hard for Paloma… Please continue praying for her.

During our time here, a lot of us have been sick. Mostly the cold and some have also been sick after getting a sun burn on the beach… I’m sitting here with a cold, along with 3 others… Please pray for health.

It’s just 16 days to graduation, and that is something you can notice in the team. A lot of us are getting frustrated, cause we don’t really know what God wants us to do after all of this… He has great plans, we just want to know what they are… A lot of us have been struggling with the issue that we are giving God our future, but not this moment. It’s going to be fun to see what we all end up doing…

That’s it for now folks, thanks!

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