mandag, april 28, 2008

I don't really have to many pictures today either- blogger does not want to work with me on that, but here's one from when we were leaving the base in Ensenada..
The 2 weeks in Pachuca has gone by fast. We're done here, all we have left is a day off (today) and a 4 day stay with a tribe up in a mountain village... The last 3 days we've been in Mexico City. We've been doing some open airs in some parks, but also worked with street kids and prostitutes. It's been hard, but I've learned a whole lot from it... 
The past week a lot of things has happen in the team. We've grown a lot, been able to put God before other things, and God has continued to remind us about the fact that it is Him working through us, and that our dramas and words in themselves will not change anyone... It's something we've all known for "forever", but we tend to forget... Things has changed in our group now though, after God told Matt to do like Gideon, and only bring some of the army out to fight... 9 of the team went, the rest of us stayed at the base and prayed. And God did awesome things. We didn't save 500 people or something, we're "only" talking about 1 single soul, but I believe God changed a lot in our own hearts that day... One of the thing He really spoke to us about, it about His amazing love! He has gathered 22 people from all over the world, and He would do it just for 1 single soul. It's all about love. 
Some not so good stuff has happened in the team as well. Savanna is back in Ensenada (well, actually she's in Tijuana, but it's still "our" base), with mono. She hasn't been with us the past  weeks, which has been sad. Giezi's been with us for 2 weeks or so, helping us to drive down here, and then hanging out with us for a while here in Pachuca. When he left it was just like loosing another team member.
However, nothing compare to the fact that Paloma had to leave and go back to Ensenada thursday, to be with her mom, who suddenly got really ill. Her mom did not make it, and past away saturday night. We do not know if Paloma will be able to meet up with the team again, and I ask for your prayers on her behalf. I believe God can do great, big stuff through this situation as well, but it is going to be a hard process, especially for Paloma. 

I now know what my summer's gonna look like. The first week after DTS grad I'll be going on a road trip with Jenn and Erika- we'll be going to LA, Erika's cabin, San Francisco and Erika's house, which is north in California. Then i'll be flying back to San Diego, and go back to Ensenada for 1 week. After that I'll be going to Kansas for 2 weeks, and then go to Iowa to visit Alicia, South Dakota to visit Savanna and Amy, and the to New Hampshire to visit Ashley. Ashley'll take me to New York, so I'll be flying home june 29th. Intense! 

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Marie sa...

hurra du kommer hjem dagen før meg!
så godt å lese! takk at gud er så god!
og jeg er veldig stolt av deg! du er flink!

Anonym sa...

Hey Martine I read your travel plans and thought that if you are going to South Dakota to visit Savana and Amy, you should come up here to Canada, I live right at the border of North Dakota and Canada. You and the South Dakota girls could road trip it! Got a great cabin. Patti

Anonym sa...

savna deg i helga! skal du ikke snart oppdatere??? :) Har du farga håret? spennende... klemmer fra k