onsdag, august 13, 2008

Kveldskoz, GoFest and Oslo

Ive been home alone a couple of weeks this summer, and one evening I invited to Scones and hygge.... It was fun, tasty, good and hyggelig. Yay. We didnt end up being to many, but it was still nice...

GoFest 2008 happened in Stavern, Norway, with most of the YWAMers in Norway. It was a lot of fun- good teaching and good worship, and good people! It was fun seeing people I hadn´t seen for a year again! I think its hard on gatherings like that- there are so my people I want to talk to, but there is no time.... So I can´t say I sat down and spend to quality time with too many, except Ole Josè (Stripepus) and Pål Vegar on the way down, and Tonje and David on the way up... I was still a lot of fun, and i met a lot of new people, so that was good. 

On the way back from GoFest, Tonje and I dropped David off at his apartment in Oslo, and stayed there for dinner and snacks... Niceee. 

Tuesday I spend the whole day in Oslo, stopping by the dentist at Rikshospitalet. After that I watched David mow the lawn (and later pictures on his computer), I had coffee with Julie and in the end I spend some quality time with Beate at Godt Brød. They have godt brød. 

Just Another Update On My Life....

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Anonym sa...

Hello my beautiful friend from Norway. Thank you for your updates on your blog. I love to know what's up in your life, all is very good in Canada. Meadow has one more week in Ensenada and then she flies home,I am excited to see her. I have spent alot of the summer in the garden, everything is growing like crazy! We should talk about the exchange student program sometime, we might be interested. Patti

Martine sa...

Im so happy to hear from you, Ive been scrapbooking these past few weeks, and i just now came to the time we made Lefse in Ensenada... The movies we took still makes me laugh! Tell Meadow I said hi, i miss you all!

elisabet sa...

Her er jeg Marty.
Elsker at du alltid legger ut tusen bilder. Skal sjekke bloggen din alltid.
Savner deg ålreddy. Kos Ess.