torsdag, oktober 30, 2008

California- here we are!!!


A good trip. I long trip. But a good trip.

I met Marie in London, we had Starbucks and then walked around before heading over to the gate… We switched seats so that we could sit together, and ended up being two of the first ones in line to enter the aircraft… So we sat in the aircraft about 1½ hours before we took off- there were some difficulties and technical problem, I think….

With over a 100 movies to choose from, I though the plane ride would go by fast, but after a while I understood that 11 hours never really go fast… It was still a good ride, with about 20 min of sleep…

Entering the US went find, finding the baggage not so much- we were told to wait at baggage claim 3, then 6 and then back to 3 again… And there where about 500 people moving with us the whole time, so it was PACKED and hard to get the baggage off the claim, and move it away from the claim. Finding Amy at the other side of the toll gate, however, went easy, even though she had been waiting for us for 1 ½ hours…

Amy is Jenny´s host sister, and she is great. Other than that, Jennys family contain one other sister; Melanie or Minnie, and a mom and a dad, Murph and Mike.

AND HER HOUSE IS GREAT!!!!! Especially that backyard with hot-tub! ME LIKE!

So we are here, find a whole, and it was SO good to see Jenny again, she came home from a job- meeting about 45 min after we got to her house.

YAY- We´re together agin!!!!!!! We just miss Tonje and Kaja……………..

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