mandag, november 03, 2008

A wonderful day in beautiful LA!


Halloween ble HalloVenn for meg da Erika tok turen fra San Diego til Los Angeles for å se meg! (lættis ordspill)


So, so far California had been great! We have been shopping, been to Jenny’s college, Hollywood and seen High School musical 3. The top of it all, Erika came up from San Diego to LA to see me today! It was great! J

Jenny goes to COC- College of the Canyons. It’s a community college, but still pretty big… We were there in her music classes and some of the dance class. It was such a cool school, and we met a lot of her friends, and they were great too!

Yesterday we went shopping, just Marie and I, while Jenny was at school and work. After that we headed to Hollywood to go and see High School Musical 3, on El Capitan! It was sooo much fun!! They made like a big show out of it, and 2 of Jenny’s friends ended up going up on stage and they won prices for singing the High School Musical songs! Fun! Outside in the lobby of the theatre, a lot of the props from the movies were displayed, so that was kinds cool too.

While we were in Hollywood, we also got to see Walk Of Fame and Chinese Man Theatre.

So today was great, Erika came up last night, spend the night at her aunts, and came and picked me up this morning. We had birthday coffee at starbucks and ice cream/frozen yogurt at Pinkberry. And just talked, and talked and talked… I have no word to explain how amazingly good it was to see Erika again!!! For those of you who don’t know: Erika and I took our DTS in Ensenada together, and she was one of my absolutely best friends there. Later, we met up with Jenny and Marie, who had been to a dancing show at COC.

We went to downtown LA and Beverly Hills, Bel Air and saw UCLA. It was pretty cool! J Amazing houses, got to say that.

We left LA, and drove up to the LA YWAM base, to visit Johny, one of our friends form the Ensenada base. He is doing his SOMD there, and it was good to see him again, and cool to see the base! We met Berry House, a guy that spoke on our DTS, so that was cool. Erika drove back to SD pretty early to be there in time for some volunteer work, and Johny got a ride with her to go back to Ensenada for a weekend visit.

Right now, Jenny is playing the piano, Marie is taking a shower, and I´m writing this… We´ve had a couple of kids here going trick or treating, and soon we are leaving to go and hang out with some of Jenny’s friends.


It  craaazy to think about the fact that I will be in Ensenada again in 6 days, but I am really looking forward to it as well…


Talk to you later.


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