mandag, desember 29, 2008


Christmas is over, and I had fun. It started out the 23rd when we had a christmas service in Church. Pretty fun!

Indra was directing the choir. 

Bryan was Santa.
The kids/youths were singing
and this was the closest I came to Lucia this year...

After the service, we had some fun, and then Efrain, Giezi, Sarvia, Indra, Bryan, Jacob and I went to Applebees.
The girls... and Efrain
The beautiful Nino ninos. :) I love them all!
Indra and Bryan.
Haha- the boys.
Applebees!!! Sarvia, Indra and Bryan.

Jacob and me

Buena Noche 2008

Christmas eve 2008 started out with me celebrating it Norwegian Style for a little bit... Not the same as when I do it IN Norway, but fine... :)

This was my Christmas Tree with the presents... :) It was the tallest thing I could find!!! Make out of wood. Kinda....

Jul I Blåfjell, Kakao med krem og rundstykke med Nugatti. Alt hører hjemme!!

Og Marie var en ENGEL og sendte Tre Nøtter Til Askepott til meg så jeg fikk inn litt stemning på den måten og!

After my "longing back to Norway" time, and talking to Mamma, Pappa, Mathias, Tobias and Bestemor (and wondering why I was not with them), Sarvia and I went downtown, and stoped by the christmas tree Shanie and I decorated. That was the one and only christmas tree I decorated this year...

Ornaments.. haha
Christmas Tree and Palm Tree
..and then Sarvia and I went to Starbucks to have coffee!!

Later at night, I went to the Ninos house for christmas Dinner. It was WAY different than Norway, but a LOT of fun, good food and AMAZING people!

Indra was the chef. Turkey!
Sarvia and I!
Giezi and Pastor Nino!
Indra and Giezi. 
Mama y Papa Nino
We sang a couple of Christmas songs, and Pastor Nino had a devotional. 
And then we had dessert: Norwegian Brownies, cinnamon roles, apple pie and cake. Yummy. 
Indra the reindeer. 
Giezi and the packets we had for "dirty Santa"
Sarvia as a reindeer. 
Me as a reindeer. 
and Giezi as a mix of a reindeer and a burrogito. 
Dirty Santa

Then, when I came home, my roomie Sheril could tell me that Sam had bought us a christmas tree cause she though it was so sad that we didnt have any... Its about.. um 25 cm tall... I like it. 


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