tirsdag, desember 30, 2008


Our wonderful base!!!

So, tomorrow Im leaving Ensenada, once again. My backpack is packed (and FULL), and Giezi and I are heading out tomorrow at 2 pm, and meeting up with Kelsey at the Tijuana airport and the flying down to Mexico City. I am SUPER excited, but REALLY sad, cause I am going to miss this place a LOT. The people here are Amazing, this city is amazing, the base is amazing and pretty much everything is amazing. YWAM Ensenada, yaaaaay!!! Yet, I am super excited about what God has for me in Costa Rica, and on our way there. And I am coming back to Ensenada in April, so Ill get to see the people again. Praise God!!!

Please pray for Kelsey, Giezi and I, as we are traveling from Mexico City to Costa Rica by bus, and we need finances and lots of patience…

Beautiful Ensenada!!!!! <3


By the boulevard  in Ensenada, they have some pretty nice christmas decorations.... Haha, I took some pics of the funny ones... Hahaaa!


Giezi, Sarvia, Indra, Bryan, Kathy, Efrain and me went to a coffee shop to play Poker (YAY I won), and got hooked on a new game called Sorry. Even though Giezi and I lost it was lots of fun. Its pretty much an adult version of Ludo, which none of them had heard about before...


Christmas is over, but we still have had a lot of fun on base. Yesterday we went to this indoor soccer place, where JUCUM (YWAM, UIO) played against people from Oscars church. I don’t really know who won, it was pretty even, and a lot of fun. Met a guy names Raul there, an old Mexican guy who was cheering for Mexico and not the Gringo team. Um, Mitch was the only gringo on the team, but oh well… Jacob and I got to talk a little bit to him, and he seemed cool. 

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