søndag, juni 28, 2009

Alright, time for another blog update...

I am still good. I love Hamar during the summer!!!! Its super nice out, Koigen is crowded with people, and we hang out all the time!! 
Right now I am actually stuck on the couch, icing my ankle... I twisted it trying to walk over the stonefencethingy at Koigen about 1 hour ago. Result: I had to call into work and tell them I couldnt make it, just because I simply cannot walk, at least not yet. I feel bad for my colleagues, but what to do!? Nothing.... 

Norway is nice. I havent been doing a whole lot these past weeks, but what I have done has been meaningful and good. Ive gotten to see a lot of people, talked a lot, had a couple of coffees, had some bbqs, chilled out, and most recently: worked! And thats whats on my calendar for the next couple of weeks too, no counting the AFS goodbye camp Im leading next week. Its gonna be grand. 

No pictures, i dont have a camera anymore and I find it surprisingly nice not having to feel like I have to take pics all the time... But I will try to get one soon, whenever I get money.... haha

See you!

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