tirsdag, juni 02, 2009

Puerto Vallarta!!

YWAM San Diego/Baja went to Puerto Vallarta to go to the Mexican YWAM conference. It was great! Me and Amanda were the only single ladies from Ensenada, and we had fun! It was a great group that went to the conference, and we all hang out and loved it! It was great both spiritual and physical- after all we were staying at Paradise Resort and Spa.... It was SWEET, and nothing like a normal YWAM gathering... Sense Robbie had missed the message that we were to leave the 31, we got an extra day by the amazing swimming pool, and also some time to distress, and just enjoy it before we headed back to reality in Ensenada. There were many topics- like how MegaCities is gonna be in Mexico City in 2010- and it is going to be great!! It was also a lot of fun seeing known people again, the Pachuca base was there and so was Bere and Usba, who did their SOW with Giezi in Costa Rica. 
Amanda and I became friends with Ana - a lady who worked at the starbucks we went to, um, too many times a day... 
Amazing was what it was!!! 

There were three of them... They smelled! But it was kinda cool! We walked past them everyday to go to Starbucks!
Our room! Wow- it was the cheapest... All the rooms are at least junior suites!! 
Starbucks and Internet time!!
That would be out base director and beautiful Meghan talking about how the Ensenada base is doing!
ai ai, free drinks! Amanda and I became friends with a guy that worked on the hotel, and he invited us to the Welcome Show, so we went! it was interesting!! :)
Haha, they had a show!! Tonje, du ville elska dette!!
We went out for dinner, YWAM San Diego/Baja + two of the speakers of the conference. This is me, Lindsay and Robbie!
William, Pepe and Kody!
Bere and me!
Kanskje ikke helt normal UIO stemning over det...
Pepe y Ryder!
adios paradise! 
Robbie, Lindsay and me!
Murillo Family!
Welcome to Tijuana! 

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