fredag, desember 25, 2009

My girls!! :)
Work place.. :)
17 mai in San Diego with Jessy, Kaiya, Teyus and Ingvar
Six flags trip with other YWAM staff!
Jenny and Marie with me in Mexico!
Øyvind and Ruben with me in Mexico!
Mission Adventures house build!
... building a house in Mexico!
In Costa Rica, the boys; Giezi, Mario, Chove and Angel
in Costa Rica; The girls; Suzanne, Brianna, Kesley and Jaymie.
me and Giezi saying goodbye to Felicia outside the TJ airport, before our roadtrip!


This year has had a lot in store for me. I stared the year off with a road trip through Latin America, from Baja California in northern Mexico, to San Jose, Costa Rica. Together with my two good friends Kelsey and Giezi, we stopped in Mexico City, visiting some friends, in Chiapas, seeing the canyon and some of Giezi´s friends, in Guatemala, hiking a volcano, in El Salvdor, making new friends there, and in Nicaragua, before Costa Rica. Here, I was suppose to one of YWAMs secondary school, Children At Risk, but ended up doing a language school instead. After almost 2 months in Costa Rica, i headed back to Mexico, staffing Mission Adventures and helping out in the hospitality department before I left to go home to Norway in June. It was an amazing start of the year 2009- God blessed me so much! Trough the good and the bad times, God was faithful, and even though i was tired when I came back to Norway, it was so worth it!!! Mexico, and latin america, is a beautiful, the people, the culture, the way it works.... Even though not all of it is working "properly" looked trough Norwegian eyes, it works in its own way, and i just feel like Ive learned so much about the world and cultures and all of it...!

In October all of my moms family (20 people in all) went to Greece to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. It was a nice trip spending time with the whole family.

The summer of ´09 I spend working, and in August I moved in with 3 others to start a ”team” working with my church. All 4 of us have assignments to do in the church, some of them together as a team and others ”on our own”. We live in the ”pastor’s house”- now the ”team- house” next to our church, and alongside with working with my church I’ve been studying and working. Its been quite interesting seeing what God had in mind when He put he here, but I’ve come to realize that its not about what I planned to do or wanted to do, its all about Him and His plans. Its been challenging, and I recently came to a realization that I would have to cut down on some of the things I’ve been spending time on- simply because there is no more than 24 hours in a day! In my church I work with the youth group, run a small group, help out with the Sunday school for the 5th to 7th graders, do accounting stuff and other fun and less fun stuff. I have enjoyed it, but also gotten tired, so I can see why God has spoken to me about slowing things down a bit…

All in all this has been a good year for me, visiting countries like USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Sweden and Greece, seeing all of my family, spending time with friends all over the world, getting to know new people, seeing things in a new way, learning more about myself and seeing more of who God wants me to be.

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