mandag, november 02, 2009

October Fun!

Time flies... Its November! WOW! Its been quite a challenging fall, with TOO much stuff going on and too little time to enjoy it in...
Its been busy, and it will still be for some time. My exams are coming up, and I am not ready. Not yet. Hopefully I will be the day Im sitting there... November 19th and December 9th. And then its christmas!!!
The team is fun! I love us.. I love them! Camilla is in York right now. I miss her, the team in not complete without her. So thats good... :) Schools been fun as well. And I went to Crete with my family, my whole family! 20 people. Wow. It was fun! Lots of people. Sun. Crete. Our own swimming pool... Im not complaining.
One of the things Ive been doing a lot this fall is traveling in and out of Oslo with AFS. Its soooo much fun, they did my exchange year sometime GREAT and now I get the chance to give other exchange students that opportunity. And this yeah Im also helping out getting the Fall Seminar ready, so there has been some extra trips. Ive enjoyed it, and used the time to hang out with friends and catch up as well.. ;)
I have some pictures. I think they are all from Oslo actually!
yeah, that was fall for me. Now winter is calling.. It snowed today. Christmas is getting closer, and Im liking that... :)

Yeah thats us..!
I love her SO much!
Tonje and Kaja-kozejentene
Jan Erik stopped by...!

Kajs og Mais
Jesus de Venezuela

Elizabeth de Columbia
Fall, beautiful.. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

I had dinner with Marie and David- de var i slaget!

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