mandag, mai 29, 2006

Graduation and graduation parties

Hey guys.. It's been a while, but I already warned you! :p Haha! yeah wel.. Figuered I had to give you all some pics from my graduation! It was a lot of fun- just like the movies! lol. For those that don't know it- the second pic from the graduation sermoni where we all are sprayting thing on eachother- well that's a Heights thing I guess.. lol. There's some pics from two of the graduation parties I went to, so enjoy that too.. lol.

Becca and me

Codi, Nicole, me and Liz
Nicole and me
Kate and Carolina

Yuliya, Roger and me

My hostparents and me

Me and Sebastian

Becca and me
Alana, me and Yuliya

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