søndag, juli 02, 2006

Home again....

Wel, I'm back home now. It's pretty awkward, but things are turning out to be great here. I've met a lot of my friends, but there are still people working or on vacation, so I still have some new faces I need to see...
I left monday at 8 from my home, and met with all the other AFS students in Kansas at Sedwig County park. We played games and were just hanging out. At 4:45ish it was time to get in the buc that would take us to Houston, Texas. Is was a LONG ride, but it went fine cause AFS people ROCKS! lol. We got to Houston at like 4:30 in the morning tuesday. There where like 500 other people at the place we where 'camping', and they where all foreign people form all around the world. They had all been in the southern and midtwest states. I met my friend Sophie again. But i really didn't heng out to much with her, cause from 6 busses started leaving with people on. My bus did not go before 11:40, but from 6 there were busses taking people 'away'- or to the airport. It was soooooo sad. I had to sit there and see my friends leave one by one.... AWW! I miss you guys sooooo much!
I said goodbye to all my German friends in the 4 busses before me (there are a LOT of Germans!!!), but when the Norwegian bus arrived at the airport all the germans where still in line, so we talked a lot more. And I also went to their gate to say goodbye to them + the italians.

When I got to Oslo, after stopping in Amsterdam, my mom and dad, one of my brothers and one of my bestfriends met me. We drove home to my house, about 1 hour and picked up my other brother. When I got to my house a whole bunch of girls + one boy (Ruben) was standing outside with balloons.. And a cake... haha! Later that day I met some other people that did not come to the"surprise" thing cause they had to work or something... It was AWESOME!

So yeah, now i'm back. We've been watching the world cup in Soccer and today my local team called Hamarkameratene, or Hamar-buddies on an odd transelation, had a match so we went to see that one...

It's pretty hot, so we're on the beach a lot. It's great being back home, but I miss Kansas and a lot of people there. But I have to say that there's a lot of things I don't really miss at all... lol.

Home sweet home!

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