tirsdag, februar 13, 2007

Back to the US and A.
So, I'm back. Yay.
I left my house around 9 pm sunday to take the train to Gardermoen 9:30. Arrived around 10:30, and I was totally (not) looking forward to spending the night at the airport waiting for my flight that was leaving 7 am the next morning. You probably wonder why the heck I took the train the night before then, but the fact is that that was the latest train sunday night, and the earliest train monday morning would had arrived to late for check in.
But don't worry! I prayed. And within the first 10 min on the airport God had everything under control. First Shanie called. That was fun. And while I was talking with her, I was walking around trying to find a nice place to sleep. But dude, what happens? Who do I run into? Well, no one else than Hans and Jordan! Yay. So, the bought be coffee, and I sat down there talking to them. Hans was leaving for Bardoefoess, while Jordan acctually was leaving for the US, and we deff had the same flight to Frankfurt! So after Hans had left, Jordan and I went to the sleeping chairs, trying to get some sleep. It really didn't work, but at least we tried. Around 5 we check in, and then the flight left at 7 ish.
In Frankfurt I had to walk fast to my flight, while Jordan ended up RUNNING. But we both got there in time. I was so luck (... NOT) that I got the middle seat in the middle row. So much for sleeping on that plane.
After 8 and a half hour on the plane I reached Chicago. I only had enough time to run to my gate, so I didn't even have time to hang aound and wait for my luggage. So, I totally used my very good skils (kidding) and asked two ladies to fix it for me, and so they did. I probably have to tell you that the two ladies was behind the "lufthansa" desk... lol. But no worries, the plane was about 2 hours late, and I just hang around in the CROWDED area. All the flights were delayd because of the weather... No worries, I had McDonals and Starbucks... So, around 7:30 ish I arrived in Wichita, Kansas where Jane and Amy picked me up. Then we went over to Jane's house, and I've been sleeping here tonight. When I got to bed I hadn't been sleeping for 47 hours, except from about 30 min on the plane from Frankfurt, and 1 hour on the plane to Wichita. I was tired! So I slept in this morning, and now I'm just chilling, waiting for Jane to come back from school. Then she's going to take me over to the Wendts house (my host family), and then I'm going to surprise them! Well, mom and dad know's I'm coming, but Kelli and Lisa thinks I'll be "home" for easter... Fun fun fun!
So, it's deff Kansas... The wind is hard, but there's actually snow on the grown!! This week is spirit week at Heights, cause saturday is Homecoming. I'm not sure if I'm going to the dance, but I'll deff go to the game. That's the most fun part! Jane broke her leg a while ago, so she's not going either (she looks like Forest Gump when he was a kid when she's walking!). But, the most awesome part, that I didn't know until last night, is that there's no school friday OR monday! Yay! Everybody has a 4 day weekend. That's pretty much kickin freestyle! 10 points for that.
And you may wonder why I haven't said anything about me going to Wichita here on this blog, but the fact is that I'm surprising the Wendts, and it wouldn't be a surprise if they read it here, or heard it from someone else..
It's GREAT being back!!

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