torsdag, februar 15, 2007

Valentine, BB game, home and school.

So, yesterday was valentines day. Nothing really big happened, got chocolate and card from my host parents... Other than that, nothing really.
Tuesday I went to Heights Basketball game. Met a lot of people, which was pretty sweeeeeet. The girls still kick a**, and the boys still sucks. Our girls haven't lost one game, and is ranked as # 13 in the COUNTRY! Wow, pretty cool. Tuesday we played North West, and this was the score in the end: (I didn't ever bother to take a pic of the boys final score, but they only lost with like 8 points...)
Today I went to school. It was pretty sweet. Lisa had to be there at 7 am for cheerleading practise, so Kelli and I drove with Josh. NO safe driver... lol. I just walked around from class to class saying hi to almost all my old teachers, and a bunch of old "friends". Fun. Between 4th and 5th hour we had peeprally, cause homecoming is saturday. Pretty cool. This is Jane, Alyssa and me waiting for the show to begin...

Ok, so you all know I was surprising Lisa and Kelli (and about all my friends here). Lisa was speechless when she saw me. She was like "..................................... eh...... Hey." lol. I didn't see Kelli before after the basketball game, cause she was over at MacKenzies house. She was like "OH MY GOOOOOOD! You guys gotta stop doing this to me!!! Oh my god. For a split secound there I didn't react at all. DARN! Gosh. and then I was like 'hey, you don't live her anymore'. Darn! It's all so normal! OH MY GOD!!!". Lol. Pretty sure she didn't know what she was saying. lol. I surprised my grandma at the basketball game to, she had to look like 5 times before she understood it was me. lol. The pic is og Mia. I'll post more pics later, but now I got to go.


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