lørdag, februar 17, 2007

Just an other friday...

So, today was just an normal day... Went to Best Buy to check out cameras, cause mine is kinda halfway broken... Then I went to Starbucks and TacoBell and some other places, before me and Kelli decided we were gonna watch Smalville. So, we got 5 seasons of smalville in this house, we watch about 4 a day. lol. Pretty intense.. lol.
There was a game tonight too, the Heights homecoming game! Yeah! Agains West. Girls won 88-24 and boys (!!!!!) also won, but i don't know the score.. Jane, Megan, Beth and I was too buzy talking... lol. Santos- Silva (one of our administrators) told us we were showing bad school spirit by just standing there talking and not cheering. lol. It's only halfway true, cause there really were not that many people there, and they needed help filling up the senior spots in the front row. lol. Pretty excited I was there last year, when the students section was almost full on every game (except from the one Jenny, Marie and Tonje came to...). This year suck man, no one is there... Well, after the game Jane, Beth, Megan, Jessie, Amanda, Megan, me and a bunch of guys went to Freddy's for icecream. Pretty sweet!

Freshmen chillin at the game.. lol. Madison, Kelli and... umm. unknown. lol

Lisa "the cheerleader" and me

Megan, Beth, Jane and me... yeah, Beth is now a brunette...

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