torsdag, januar 10, 2008

Hola amigos,

just a small update!

This week has been buzy. Lectures has started, it's alot of fun, and the teachers (and teaching) are amazing!!! We've also been at La Bufadora, had games night, shared testemonies and a lot, lot more!! Some of the lokal mexicans (who only talkes spanish, btw) took some of us out walking, so we could see ensenada. Its pretty!
Mexico beautiful! The people are nice, the streets are filled with garbage, families of 8 have only one room in their house, but a new flatscreen TV with digital cabel, but that is a part of it all! The base is pretty, its pink, its big and there are so many cool people here. Yes, we have 2 guys sleeping in our garbage-bin outside (which I've gotten to see a lot, sense my job for this week is to bring out the garbage), we cant trow toiletpaper in the toilet, we get sick of the water and its some pretty early mornings. But inside the base we focuse on other things... It might sound upsurd! But we do... and 3 times a week, and some weekend, we'll be going outside theese high walls, meeting people and talk to them. And then we can fokus on that. Thank God! Its a hard life for some... I've been blessed! This DTS teached me a bunch of stuff, not only about God, but also about life...

This weekend is off, but next weekend we'll be doing some job with Homes Of Hope. Some will be building, others prepare dinner and lunch... Work with meaning!! Yes..

Ok, so one of the first days here, a mexican band came in and started singing for us... Haha... Here's some pics, and a video, so just enjoy...

life's good!


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coffee-shine sa...

So good with updates!! This sounds so nice. Good stuff, Martine! Love you

Jenny sa...

Jæi åsså. Gla i.