lørdag, januar 19, 2008

update from mexico.
still having a blast, still learning, still excited.
i got a new job. im cleaning apparements. yes. im all over the floors and kitchens here, ashley gets to do the toilets. yeah! 3 times a week. i think God is trying to teach me something... it ok though. thats my workduty...
we're eating a lot here... Breakfast at 7:30, 2 days a week its warm, the other days its cerial and muffins. like hardcore chocolate muffins. its dicusting! they tast good, but thats waaaay to early in the morning. Then we have intercession or staff meetings from around 8:15, and then classes after that to 10:30, then we have about 20 min break with snacks. chips, vegetables with ranch, cookie... you name it. I like the vegetables without the ranch... then we have classes again, to 12:20, when we eat again. Warm lunch. After lunch we have smallgroups, exercise, work duties, spanish class or lokal ministry. Its pretty sweet. Then at 5:30 its dinner - always reeeally good! and then after that we have some more stuff going on. Mondays are outreach prep, tuesdays and thursdays are free, wednesday community night and fridays we go down to the red light district and work there. Its called the Baijo. Its pretty sweet. Not really. We cant wear and jewlery, and none of the blonds can go alone. most of the people there are drunk, and a couple comes over and tells us to leave every time, cause its too dangerous. yeah.

I really like it here, i really do! Its buzy but good. this weekend we're having teams come down and build houses with Homes Of Hope. Its cool. I'm not going out this time, in stead I'm going to cook dinner for them and serve tomorrow. The people that are coming down here this weekend are pretty rich, so they stay at a hotel down town, so the only meal they are going to have here is the dinner tomorrow... so yeah.. its ok.

well then, have a good weekend. Me and Alicia are going out to exercise to get rid of the food.

Savanna, Alicia and me
The black pearl!
The cortyard at the base
This is David Aasen in 30 years.
Scavenger hunt!
Icecream! -we're all winners!
Alicia, Savanna and me

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Vi savner deg her hjemme. Bra å se at du har det fint da. Grønnsaker med ranch høres ekkelt ut.

Have a good one

coffee-shine sa...

Digg med updates vennen! Savner deg ass. Ha en herlig og meget velsigna uka :) Love

Anonym sa...

Hei Martine! Tanta di her i sør har endelig fått kobla seg på her. Fint å lese at du trives, selv med arbeisoppgavene du får. Kan hende du skal vaske doer i neste uke. Jeg tipper nesten det...
Ha det utmerket! Jeg er stolt av deg! For ei flott jente du er!

Silje Martine sa...

Hola amiga :)
Så bra at du også trives med latinoene. Spennende! Hvor skal du på outreach? Jeg trives godt her i Peru, veldig glad for å slippe å fryse i Norge, hehe ;)
Savner litt deilige cortadoer og cafèliv, men ikke så veldig. Spiser kylling hver dag omtrent, men det er somregel ganske deilig, peruansk mat er ganske godt. Og du er heldig som sikkert får endel deilig mexicansk...
latinokyss på kinnet :)