mandag, februar 04, 2008

Hey again!

Last week went faaaast. We had Dean Sherman speaking, and it was good. God opened many wonds in my soul, but He also healed them.
This is my small group! Kacey, Katie, me, Sarvia (our leader) and Alicia!

Last thursday the DTS + some staff went to Tijuana for a Night Of Mission. Haha. I had to carry the Norwegian Flag into the room, cause they were telling everybody what nations we came from. Oh yeah. Tijuana is about 1 hour north of ensenada, and Kelsey and I ended up in the van with only mexicans. So we had a blast, trying to speak spanish... A lot of them spoke english though, but it was just a looot of fun!!
Giezi, some random guy from Tijuana and Pepe!
Alicia, Paloma and me with the norwegian flag!! Martin, Pepe and Kaleb
Me and Montse. she's one of the DTS staff!

Friday was Savannas birthday. We all dressed up and went out to eat mexican food. It was soooo good!!!
The birthday kid and meMartin and MartineMe and CeasarThe mexican boys at the mexican restaurantDarren and John Me, Kelsey and Alicia
Ma and AmyHaha, my twin!The girls ready to go!The DTS boys, Jon, Matt, Doug, John and Darren

In the caaaar

This weekend have been so much fun! I went out with Homes Of Hope to build a house for a poor family. It was a loooooot of work, but so much fun! I was the host, so I drove a van to the buildingsite (yes, automatic) and I had to talk to the family (who only spoke spanish...), and tell people what to do (like i knew?!) in adition of making sure we had lunch and drinks and put it up. It was fun!! My builder was Axel, that ended up being all the high school boys' hero, and Danny. Ali and I was the DTS students, and then we had the Lambert, those who started Homes Of Hope, on our team. Right across the street was there another house being build, Savanna and Jenn was the DTS students there, and Bighta, Manuel, Martin and Ceasar was builders. We had a High School with us, so it was a lot to do. Saturday was GREAT, the sun was out and we had sooo much fun! The roof is the best! Yay! The family we were building for was a family of 6, mom Lucia, dad Afredo, 3 daughters and 1 son. They were all very sweet!! They helped out with everything! When we got there on Sunday it started raining hardcore. I have never been so wet in my life. I mean, i could get water out of my underwear when I came home, and when I got in the shower I didnt feel like I was getting wet at all! lol. So there are no pics of the finished house, but it very beautiful and nica and the family loved it. So yeah, that was great! If anyone is looking for a vacation outside the box, this is the thing!!!
This is where they lived...MartinLucia and Melanie, the kids in the family we bulid for.Lucia and Lucia, mother and daughterAli and I----woooork!The walls are up!Jenn, Martin, Manuel and Savanna!Ceasar, Martin and SavannaThe other team's family's house! hahaSavanna and ManuelDanny and Axel doing the roofThe high school boys in my group did a pretty good job!This was how we started out!The neighboorhod!

This week we're having Jeff Pratt as our speaker. He's pretty cool and it looks like its going to be a good week!

Hope you're all fine!!

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Marie sa...

marty elske bloggen din! har du fått kjæreste ell?
jeg drar nå å du må skrive en fb melding til meg snart! vi har blogg i india hvis du vil se:
låååver deg å savner deg veldi! du er altfor langt borte!!!

David Aasen sa...

Gøy å se bilder, Martine, og høre at du har det bra.

S sa...


coffee-shine sa...

Vennen, det er såå deilig å se bilder av deg og livet du lever der borte. Super glad i deg skjønningen!