lørdag, mars 29, 2008

OUTREACH is coming up...

Just because i know this weekend is going to be busy, I'm gonna update you guys on what's happening now. We're leaving for Tecate on Monday. After that we'll head down to south Mexico for 5 more weeks, Pacucha and Tepic. Yay, exciting! Tecate is only 1 1/2 hours from here, and its going to be wired being there and hanging out with the people who so often come to Ensenada to hang out with us... But its going to be cool too, I'm pretty excited, even though all our speakers lately have told us we're going to have a hard outreach... I'm glad God is going to teach us stuff, but the be honest, I'd rather be done with it, than sitting here knowing I'll be doing it for 2 months starting Monday... The fall is coming up pretty fast, and I've already changed my mind 1000 times about what I should study, or where, or when, or if.... Yeah. It's all up to God now, but as of right now it looks like I'll be studying (mamma, pappa, overraskelse!!) Samfunnsgeografi. No English word for that at the moment, but it's around social studies. Yeah. I do know that I have a lot off opportunities here too, and a lot of them I wouldn't mind, so we'll see after outreach... The past days we're been having a lot of outreach prep, mostly drama practice. Its a lot of fun! I'm excited to see the ways God is going to use us in the dramas, but I'm also scared- I'm already starting to get tired of them.... :| Well, we are leaving on Monday... It's been 3 G R E A T months here!! I could not have asked for a better DTS or staff, and I've gotten so many new friends! I love Mexico, and I love YWAM. And God. (not in that order) I am so grateful to the people I've met during these months, and I've already started crying because of the fact that nothing is going to be the same again... It's life, I'm facing it, and it's OK. I just don't like changes when I know it will never be the same again! Leaving Norway for a couple of months doesn't bother me, nothing really exciting happens there during 6 months anyway, but it will be different leaving this base... these people... Im gonna end it here, just some pics to give you guys who don't bother to read this anyways (David) something to look at. Enjoy! You might not hear from me in a while, blogging will not be my 1st priority during the outreach, but we'll see! Please pray for unity in the team and also for guidance when it comes to what I (and the rest of the team) should do after our DTS. Thanks! As for now, Adios de Ensenada Mexico!

An old pic from a time we went for icecream and a roadtrip around Ensenada in the beginning of the school.. I found this street name, along with other great European cities like Paris and Rome!
This is Jacob and Martin and they are great!!!
From when we were building the DTS house... Giezi, Doug and me on the roof.
My last smallgroup! Katie, Sarvia, Kacie, Alicia and me! - using the giftcard we got for Starbucks after dressing up (and acting as) CAVEWOMEN!
Drama practise

The new big LOVE of the DTS (and also a the base in general) is the very Norwegian Vestlands lefse that took the trip over the sea along with my school papers and stuff my mom send. There's a couple of people in my DTS with Norwegian inheritance, and one time we mentioned lefse... We ate a lot of it during our dress-up party, but I saved one package... On Tuesday we didn't have anything to do, so we made some... It started out with Doug, Ali and I, but as the word spread- about 20-30 people were hanging out in the kitchen. I was the chef, while the Canadians were trying to read the instructions on the back of the package, which are in Norwegian... Lucky for me they're not really that hard to make, and I already had a lot of practice in it after making 30 of them for the party...
Ali from Colorado and Jean Felippe from Switzerland.Doug getting the butter ready!


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Marie sa...

hallo min venn! savner deg!
koselig å høre fra deg! takk at du sprer gosmilet:)))))) jeg er kjempe gla i deg! ska be for or som jeg ikke gidder å stave.
love you<3


Hei martine! har ikke vert her på en stund nå, det er derfor jeg komenterer ikke den siste altså. men det er gøy å se at vestlandslefse er like godt der som her... fikk faktisk litt lyst på en nå med en gang, men nå må jeg dra til talentiade i.. eh ja, filadelfia av alle steder, uff ja
og foresten, men det har du sikker skjønt allerede, men fra ola jo for mokka
over og ut