lørdag, april 05, 2008

Well, we're here! In Tecate. It's been a lot of fun so far, we've had open air meetings, been to a church and a school and we've painted the base white. Tecate is just another base under YWAM San Diego/Baja, so a lot of the staff we already know. They bought a new base 3 weeks ago, so they're not quite settled in yet. We've used the 2 last days painting the inside and outside of the base, cleaning up in the backyard and done stuff like that. Its been a lot of fun actually. Loud music from the speakers + funny comments and GREAT people. It's all good!
Its been a great 1st week of outreach. Many fun things has happen, and we also have some freetime to go and do whatever we want to do. The base is pretty much a 15 min walk from everything, so its been a lot of opportunities. I've used my spanish a lot more here than in Ensenada, so that's pretty exciting too...

It was hard saying goodbye the the people at the base in Ensenada. 3 months went by SOO fast, but I really enjoy the people at the base, and it's awkward not waking up to the same people. I did not cry, except from the night before, so that's good... I still hope to see some of the staff again before we head down south- they're talking about a roadtrip up there. It's only like 1 hour anyways...

The uploading picture thing doesn't work, so this is it for now, but i'll come back with more later!
see yah!

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Marie sa...

hallo vennen min! gla fo at du koser deg! få en fb melding da!
er så kjempe gla i deg!