mandag, september 29, 2008

My life...

Two weekends ago I went to my aunts wedding. Elisabeth and Gjermund became one at a small mountain church faaaaar away from everything. It was pretty. My whole family was there, so it was fun. We all stayed at this big cabin, owned by DNT, but we had to hike about 1 hour to get to the car, and then drive for about 40 min to get to the church. Before the service on saturday, my aunt and uncles (the ones that were not getting married..) and cousins hiked in the mountain for a couple of hours. It was SOOO pretty, way more pretty than what you can tell by the pictures.. Enjoy..

My brother Mathias

The cabin we stayed at
My mom and dad
Bride and groom. 

Last weekend I went to Oslo, I did a whole lot, but the pictures are from Misha, Jorun, Marie and Kristins housewarming party. It was great fun, meeting up with a bunch of people that live in Oslo! During the weekend, I also visited my cousin, was leading an AFS camp at Maridalen, visited Pernille for coffee and went to Storsalen with Kristian, Ingvild and Marie. :) Oh fun... 


Marie, Shanie and Maria.. 

Shanie and me..
Skikkelig Party...
Kristin, Ingvild og Misha. 
Daniel og David
...and i spent the night at Maries!

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So good......

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Yo Martine!
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