fredag, januar 02, 2009

Roadtrip 2009: Pachuca.

Aiiii, we´re in South Mexico otra vez! Yay.

So, Giezi and I left Ensenada tuesday, and got a free ride with Felicia (thank you). At the Tijuana airport we met up with Kelsey, who was flying in from Alaska. And the trip began!! The team was complete!  Yaaay

We left TJ by plane, and arrived in Mexico City around Midnight! Then we waited a little bit at the airport before Ricardo came to pick us up. For those of you who don’t know: Kelsey and I did parts of out outreach in Pachuca (about  1 hours outside DF), and Giezi was our driver. So we kiiiinda know the area, or at least Pachuca!! And some people! Anyways: the first night we spend at Ricardo’s sister’s apartment in Mexico City. Of course, we had Taco first, and then went to bed- at like 2 or something. Haha. In the morning we woke up, got breakfast and then left for the bus station….. From there we took the bus to Pachuca (check out the video…..), where Victor came and picked up us. Because Ricardo had forgot the key to the base, we stayed at Victors house with his AMAZING family. And we celebrated New Years Eve there as well. Niice. Jan 1st we hang out with Nikki and Raul as well, and then Ricardo and Citlali came back from Mexico City, so we hang out with them for a little bit as well……

Life is GOOD, you guys, we are really enjoying this trip!! Thanks for all your prayers and stuff, it really helps! J See you!


With Felicia, out driver, at the TJ airport. Kelsey was right inside waiting for us!

sleeping beauty!

..and we couldnt sleep..

I love them!
"Dude, its really not that big, I dont think we can get lost or anything...." -Giezi Nino as we are flying over Mexico City, a city with about 25 MILLON people (like 5 times the population of Norway. 
My two travel buddies- Kelsey fra Alaska and Giezi from Mexico. 
Us and our luggage.. We can carry it all- believe it or not!
Tacos at night before we went to bed!
Definitely backpackers.... at the bus station in Mexico City
Where is Kelsey?
YAY- we made it to Pachuca!!! 
The travelers! 
New years eve!
Um... Yeah.. Thats Giezi....
Cool people! We went Iceskating in the Mall where Giezi and I went during my DTS- iceskating on plastic ground.... It was pretty intense, and a lot more fun  than last time, just because it was more people with us.... We did a rase, but then everybody else that were iceskating stopped skating, and just looked at us.... and so did the rest of the mall... :)
Raul, Kelsey, me and Nikki
Friends in Pachuca... :)
Me and Kelsey by the clock tower. 
Yesna, Sandra, Me and Kelsey...
During our outreach in Pachuca, we met a girl named Jocelyn, in Mexico City. She hung out with us all the time she was there, and we got to meet her family as well. Now, her two sisters, Sandra and Yesna, lives with Ricardo and Citlali, and they are starting school pretty soon. Its a big step from them, leaving the life on the streets of Mexico City, and moving in with a GREAT family in Pachuca... Please pray for them!!!
Ricardo, Evan, Citlali, Me and Kelsey

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