tirsdag, februar 24, 2009

So, Here I am again!


The past couple of weeks has gone by sooo fast. I am now done with me language school, and is leaving Costa Rica tomorrow!!! Its crazy! Im excited to go Ensenada and for the ministries I am going to be involved with there, but on the same time I am very, very sad to leave this place and these people!!!

Its been a different time in San Jose than what I expected when I left Ensenada 56 days ago. But its been good. I have learned so much and I will never, ever forget this. The people here are AMAZING. Its been so cool to see how God is working here in Costa Rica, and the role this base has.

So, even though I haven’t updated my blog in a while, doesn’t mean that nothing has happened… Here´s some pics and some stories…

Also; I don’t really have pics yet, but there is a team from Ensenada here now! Kelsey, Giezi, Tony and I went to the airport last night to say hello, and Suzanne and Maruko came with us, just for the heck of it! Kody, Jacob, William, Teresa, Cesar, Oscar, Ben, Malcom and an other guy I don’t know, all came, and it was SO good to see them. I will see them again in like a week when they get back to Ensenada, so you might say that Kelsey and Giezi were a little more excited about the reunion than me! The team will be working by the volcano where the earthquake hit a little over a month ago. They are going to be building houses for the people who lost their houses. To be able to house them, the base has made a container into housing! Ive been helping a little bit painting, but some guys from the base has been working day in and day out for the first one to be done. A rich guy that owned the containers donated the first one to us, but we still have planned to rebuild 2 or 3 more, as we are having more teams coming down. Each container has bed for 12 people, and 2 showers and bathrooms. Its really cool!!! I was so surprised when I saw them; they look good!  For YWAM San Jose to be able to build these containers to help out at the earthquake site and later also other places, they need more money… If you want to support them, go to: www.ywamsj.org and donate!!! J

So, there will be a lot of pictures, Im sorry! Its just how it goes when I haven’t updated in a while… But today, as I am packing, I figured I should use the opportunity, and  start with clear paper as I am leaving tomorrow… J So enjoy! Or get annoyed..  I don’t care… 

The day before Valentines Day we had a valentines dinner on base...
DTS girls! 
The boys... Giezi, Chove and Maruko!
Me, Kels and Brianna!

Anna, Brianna and me!
Brianna, Kels, Me, Giezi and Maruko!
Me, Kelsey, Maruko and Geizi!
Dearest Paola!
Me, Giezi and Kelsey!
School Of Worship went to do ministry with a "metro ministry" truck, and Paola and I drove them... They played with the kids and then had a program with LOTS of music! Here Maruko is playing algo alla "Rødt lys". 
This guy was a good goalie.. 
Metro Ministry 
The language school! 

Fellow students and teacher!
The base! 
Before we started painting... The container is the white one to your right... 
Me and Chove. I had dirt everywhere, we had to lay down under the container the whole time, first removing dust and dirt, and then paint.... haha. it was fun, but after about 3 hours there are NO comfortable positions anymore.... 

After we were done painting........... It took me an hour to clean up.... and I was still not clean... 

So... We have this playground close the base that we usually go and hang out at... 

The playground.. 

Me and Suzanne!
Ok; so here is the story! My friend Ashley from our DTS (also known as Jons girlfriend) decided to come and surprise Jon here in San Jose... So; for about 6 weeks Ive been caring that secret, trying to work things out... And even though I had to break the news to kelsey and Giezi and a couple of other, and we had to chaise Jon down the road from the base and tell him that it was my "goodbye night out", we managed to do it.... :) As we walked up toward the airport, and Jon is the only one now knowing that it is Ashley we are picking up and not "a YWAMer from Guatemala that are here to renew her visa", he keeps saying "how the heck are we gonna know who she is?? What if she´s like asian or something??"..... His face when he saw her..... awww... priceless!!

How many YWAMers can you fit in a YWAM van...? (it should be 15, and we were 3 in the front seat...) 

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Jenny sa...

Så mye bra, Marty!
Hvor lenge blir du i Ensenada nå?

Love you!

Anonym sa...

god tur tilbake til ensenada! gøy med oppdatering! klem fra kusina

Martine sa...

Blir i Ensenada eller i omraadet frem til 10 juni. Men kommer aa besoeker deg snart, jaadd!!