onsdag, februar 04, 2009

A little update.. about everything..

So, at YWAM San Jose, we have something called Weekend Workduties. It basically means that you have workduties saturday and sunday. Which pretty much sucks. Unless you do something fun about it. Suzanne and Jessie did: They made up themes, and then Brianna, Kelsey, Me and whoever else who were not doing workduties could join if we wanted, and the people that were doing them kinda had to join no matter what, even though they were no all super excited about it. The theme was mostly color, and black and white for saturday night. sweet!

Orange and Blue. And the brains behind the fun!
Me and Brianna
Pink, blue, pink and purple. Briannas jeans are actually purple...
Black and White!

Just hanging out....
Giezi and Debra
The amazing danish girl!


This weekend we went to the beach, Montezuma to be exact!! We left Friday at like 1, right after I was done with lunch prep and had eaten. From down town San Jose, we took the bus for about 3 hours to the ferry, which took us on a 1 hour long boat ride. We were so lucky to be able to see the sunset on the boat, and Suzanne, Brianna and I sang karaoke over the boats speaker system. It was intense. We sang “Happy Birthday”, just because they didn’t have any English songs, and it was Anna´s birthday. Just for the record: They didn’t have “Happy Birthday” either, so we sang without music. Pretty intense.

So after the boatride, we had about 3 more hours in the bus before we arrived at Montezuma beach. We slept in a tent on the beach. Or, some of us slept in a tent. We didn’t really have enough tents, so 5 of us slept inside one, and the rest of the 13 slept outside. It was HOT, so it worked out just fine.

The beach we went to had a tiny town, where we got stuff to eat and drink, and it was filled up with hippies, so some of the girl bought necklaces and stuff. It was sweet. As I said we stayed on the beach, like literally, there was nothing more than sand between the water and us. Sweetness!! Saturday was filled with sun and sand, and I had to wash all my clothes when I came back to base… Also because of the bonfire we had every night. Kelsey and I left early Sunday morning, while the rest left right after noon. We spend about  5 1/2 hours on our trip, while they hit all the traffic and used about 9. SANTO. 

Me, Brianna and Suzanne!
The girls!! Kelsey, Me, Brianna, Suzanne, Anna and Jaymie!
Team Ensenada!!!

Rachel, me and Jessie, the staff of the CAR school. 
This is what I woke up to (at 7 am because of the light...). We didnt put the cover up over the tent, so it was pretty much just mosquito net... NICE.


Beautiful girls!

kiiiiiinda sunburned.. 
Dinner: chips and salsa..
Giezi had to do his homework on the beach; writing a song... The outcome was amazing!!


sunrise sunday morning.

Kelsey and I left early from the beach (there are only two departures from Montezuma every day), so we got to go to Mario´s concert.... It was in a church and kinda a fundraiser for the earthquake victims, so it was cool. I came there with two mexicans and two canadians, and it was first when I was there I realized that it was not only Mario´s band who was a metal band, but every band that was playing.... So the audience was metal fans, and thats more of a lifestyle... Lets just say Ive never felt so white in my life....!!! But it was TONS of fun!! 
Bere and I (trying the get the black people in the background in a picture.... Even the mexican was wearing too much color.... hahaha)
The one white dude, from our gang of course, teo. 
Fans!! Me, kels and Chrystal. Um, you can see parts of Mario´s body in the background... hah. 
Jeff, Mario and Kelsey! On the bus back to the base!
Mario, Jeff, Kelsey, Me and Teo. Jeff was trying as hard as he could to keep me out of the picture.. and succeeded.. 
Song Cafe!!

The School Of Worship has a song cafe every other monday, and yesterday was the first time the rest of the base was invited. Dude- they are SOOOO talented! My camera takes horrible pictures and the battery died, but here´s a little taste!!!
Debra from Denmark!! Yay! We speak norwegian/danish/swedish a lot. And we enjoy it!
Mario and Giezi. 

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