torsdag, februar 26, 2009

Hi from Denver! 

   When I woke up this morning at 4:30am, the only though I could think was ”there is nothing good about this day, except the fact that I will be seeing Erika tonight” (and that will be at like 1 am Costa Rican time, so it doesnt really count…). But as the day has gone on, I have seen so much stuff that I should be thankful to God for!

Last night, for instance, it was pretty much just awesome!!! I packed and I updated my blog and stuff, and after that, while the Children At Risk school had local outreach, DTS intercession and um… I dunno what the SOW did, Ashley and I went to McDonalds Café (I know it sounds wired to go there to have coffee, but the one by the base is pretty much AWESOME, and McDonalds in Costa Rica is waaay nicer than in the US and Norway), and after that to Pequeno Mundo. And then to Jumbo. Yeah yeah yeah. Just small stuff I needed to take care of. But all of that is not what was amazing. Or, that was amazing too, but last night… aaah!!! J Ill never forget you guys: never! No: the amazing part was the dinner/desert/coffee party at Fresas, with bunch of people. Some stayed the whole time, others came just to say bye, and the teachers were really nice and let Giezi leave class early, and we all ate and talked and wrote notes to each other and just chilled out. Im gonna miss doing that. Not that I wont in Ensenada, but Im gonna miss doing that with those people!! Brianna, Suzanne, Kelsey and I went to get Cinnamon bread, and then Bri and Susie spend the night at our house, so the four of us and Anna made music videos…. J They are… AMAZING! I think we are talented. (NOT). I went to bed at like 1 and got up 3 ½ hours later, and I have never slept so bad in my life, so I was DEAD tired. Giezi and Maruko came and picked us girls up at 5, and then we drove to the airport. We took a little detour and checked out some neighborhoods close to the airport (not by purpose). It was fun! Then I had to say bye. And then I had to thank God for the AMAZING time I have had here in Costa Rica, with some of the most AMAZING people I have ever met. It has really been great. I am excited about what´s next, but it was hard to let go and leave what I had there.

I checked in, went thru the security, and then got something to eat. As I was sitting eating, feeling kinda sad I hear “Martine?!” behind me, and there is a Japanese girl from my language school! She is leaving to go back home, so I had a nice talk to her before I left. So I thanked God for that.

I bored the plane, got seat in between two kinda big guys, all the way in the back, so you can´t lean your seats back. I didn’t thank God for that, but I don’t think He minds…. Anyways. As the captain starts speaking, he tells us that because of the strong wind in San Jose, we have to stop in Liberia to fill fuel… And Warner who had just been talking about how I need to go to Liberia next time I come… It made me kinda sad, and I wasn’t too happy about flying for 17 min and then going down and then up again, but I figured that I would thank God for “dren i øra” (sorry guys, I just have no idea how to say that in English…) so I didn’t even have to worry about the pressure I have always had so much trouble with earlier when going up and down. And then I fell a sleep. And I thanked God for that, cause I find is surprisingly hard to sleep on a plane. Anyway, I wake up to a kinda awkward sound as we are reaching Liberia, and when we are well down on the ground, the captain tells us what that was…. I bird that pretty much flew into our motor…. It had a wingspan on 6 foot, or almost 2 meters, so it was pretty big. I guess it was good that didn’t happen in the air…. So I thanked God for that. But then I kinda stoped thanking him for a little bit, cause because of that we ended up having to stay on ground for over 3 ½ hours, not able to leave the plane, but we could walk around. It was pretty bad. And booooring. They had to call in a guy from the city to come and check to plane and the motor, and then they had to fill out some paperwork and all that jazz…. So yeah. But we got our fuel and we were ready to go! The 5 ½ hour trip ended up being over 9 hours long, so it was long enough. The sad thing was that they did not have any movies, expect 3 different you had to buy to see for 8 dollars, and neither real food. What they had was nuts and chocolate for freaking 8 dollars a bag (RIP OFF!!!!), so I started thanking God for the cinnamon bread we got last night….. J Yay! So I didn’t starve to death. But I was more than hungry when I got here to Denver…

The rest of the trip went fine, as soon as we reached American airspace, we had free TV, 24 channels. Nothing really exciting was on, but it killed time, so I thanked God for that.

Almost all of my fellow passengers lost their connection flights, but I could thank God for my original 9-hour layover.  As we left the airplane, one of the stewardess walks up to me and goes “I like you shirt”. I am wearing my “Homes Of Hope”-shirt. He´s like “Are you working with them? You guys are doing an awesome job! Ive been down there working with an orphanage, and yeah… just great job you guys!!!!”. So I thanked God for him.

When we got here to Denver, there were NO line for the passport control, so I thanked God for that, and even though I had been worried for a little while about my visa and stuff, I could thank God cause it was all good. You see: you get this paper in your passport when you enter the US, but sense I left through Mexico, no one took that one out of my passport… So I was a little worried that I had done something wrong (I have no idea what that would be, but…), but it worked out just fine. So I got my luggage, dropped it off again, and then I could thank God for Orange Chicken at Panda Express. And then for this airport: its really nice!

So thank you God!!! J


…the only thing is that they don’t have starbucks, im kinda bummed, but Ill be fine. Ill have a mocca with Erika in a couple of hours anyway! And hopefully that plane ride will be a little shorter than the one before…. 

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