onsdag, mars 04, 2009

Home sweet Home!!


Im hoooome. In Ensenada!! I never moved back into the apartment with Sheril, instead I have my very own, well at least until the SOW staff comes… I love living by myself- its great!! I no longer have to wait in line for the shower, or join the local gym!! J Haha. Its kinda sad in the apartment though- nothing on the walls or in the shelves, no TV or DVD player, and its all WHITE. I want to paint!! But I have NO money, so I don’t see it happen too soon. We´ll see when my roommates gets here.

So, I spend a couple of says in San Diego before I got here, which was great- I got to hang out with my bestfriend Erika and get lost in her neighborhood. Thanks to Jessy and Ingvar for letting me use their phone!! J I also got to have dinner with Felicia and the Curtis´ girls, Thai Salad and lava cakes. Yay. It was Felicias birthday kinda. Well, its actually in like 4 days from today, but we had bought her a present and we made birthday cakes... yeah!

Friday I got a ride with Kirsty and Amanda down here, together with Gene and Patti and the kids! Yay!!! They were mission builders during my DTS, and it was GREAT seeing them again! The last couple of days Ive just been getting back to Normal Life here in Mexico. Ive been down town, to starbucks, walmart, had ice cream, been hanging out with people, had Felicias birthday dinner, been to church, had GOOD food at the base, reopened my SIM card, and driven Susie and Johny to TJ at like 11 pm…. !!



Haha- this is a hotel. We were totally posing because Jenn and Erika went there 8 days before I came, and did the same thing..
First glimpse of Mexico... Oh how I had missed it!!
Haha me.. So I hope you are all enjoying the snow over there in Norway!!! Im enjoying myself here...... 
Thai salad... And the chef; Felicia!!
Doesnt it look yummy? 
Lavacake... YUM!!!
Cake and present! 
Blowing out the candle! 

Cupcakes for Felicias birthday party here in Ensenada! 
With Johny and Susie!

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Marie sa...

martine, gotd at du er et sted jeg vet hvor er!
jeg savner deg i dag