torsdag, mars 26, 2009

2 week of Mission Adventures!


The second cycle of MA this year was a very small team from Oregon- 14 people. It was their first time doing MA, so I think it was a lot for them to try to put together and understand, and I have to admit that it was challenging at times, not knowing if the youth leader understood why we were doing what we were doing, nor if he liked it. Well; it wasn’t him we were trying to please anyways- it was God. By the end of the week Id gotten to know everybody on the team really well; and last night, when we had our closing rally, all we got was good feedback! The pastor we worked with also liked the team, and they did an amazing job. It was fun to how the students stepped out of their comfort zone, doing things they had never done before. I have to say I got to work a lot on that one too, as I was the translator for this team.  

I do have some pictures, but the computer is being silly, so ill get back to you on that one!!

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