søndag, mars 15, 2009

What I Am Up To!

Well, this is going to be a short one... At the moment I am working with Mission Adventures (if you dont know what it is: check out missionadventures.net or http://www.ywamsandiegobaja.org/mission_adventures.aspx?menu=MA). 

Its been some CRAZY day! I just got back from San Diego, after picking up our first team, Neighborhood Christian School from Dixion, California. So now we´re all going for it: for 5 weeks we will have about 400 kids going thru our program, so last week we had to do all the preparation: clean out the MA storage room, Resource room, make the worship hall look all pretty and all of that jazz. Fun; we very, very tiring and stressful... Well: there is no way back now: all we can do is to go for it!!!

Please pray for us!!

And the last post: that was the trailer for this years MA. :) Enjoy!

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