onsdag, april 29, 2009

Hello guys!
So sense the last update was so short I figured I could write a little bit more this time… haha.
I am now in Alexandria, Minnesota. We drove from San Diego, CA Sunday night, stopped to look at the Grand Canyon, and then drove to Denver, Colorado. There we stayed one night at a hotel, before we Tuesday morning started driving again. We stopped at Mount Rushmore, and then in Sioux Falls where I got to meet Alicia and Amy from my DTS (YAAAAAAAY), and arrived here in Alexandria about 3am last night.. It was a loooong trip. Haha. I cant find my camera any where, so Im gonna steal some pictures from Megan and Amandas facebook when they add them! Wait for it……. Haha

So yeah, I am not in Mexico where the swineflu is attacking people, but I still think its kind of scary. Its not like Im any safer here in the US, its all over the place now! Hmm… However- I feel fine, so I don’t have it, but Ill let you know if anything changes… What can I say? Its not like I can promise you that I wont get it, but I sure hope not…!!
An other thing Im worried about is that they are closing the borders to Mexico. Or they might be. I have all my stuff down there! Hopefully they will get it under control and it will all be fine! J

Its been a wired year working with YWAM Ensenada. A lot of our team has been cancelling because of the danger of violence they hear about in the news. Now, unless you are a drug dealer or something else that’s not really good to be, there is not really a danger at all. So for us living down there, its been kinda interesting going up to the states, and start talking to someone random at like Starbucks, and tell them that we are missionaries in Ensenada. They look at us like we are heroes, like we are working in the middle of a warzone and they always say “Wow- I could never do that!”. Then we go back down to Ensenada, live our life like nothing has happened, cause really, as long as you are smart and use your brain, you are fine!! But then Mission Adventures starts or we plan the arrival of a Homes Of Hope team, and teams start cancelling on us, sometimes like 1 week ahead. And that’s hard. Cause that means that we have to go to a family and tell them that we cant give them a house. Or go to a local church or orphanage and tell them that we cant send people to help them anyways.
…and its all because of the news, making a big deal out of something that you really shouldn’t worry too much about, unless you are one of the bad guys.
But the swineflu…. This is different… This is something that really is dangerous… Uncontrollable… Unknown… Ive always told people to not listen to the news when it comes to the violence. Cause its over rated. But this…. Hmm… its to early to tell. And Im not like scared. But I know that I have to be really careful. And I understand when teams are cancelling…

But guys- so far so good!

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