fredag, april 03, 2009

Oh, What an AMAZING time!

This cycle I ended up bulding a house with Bonney Lake High School from Washington! I had so much fun!! The housebuild was a 3 day build, so we had plenty of time! And for the students, this was their "senior project", and their teacher was there, so they did all the work! Seriously: they did GOOD! I had a lot of fun too, even though it for me ended up just hanging around and driving around (picking up Corina from Pachuca at the TJ airport, bringing water coolers, etc). The whole point in us being there was just to show the students what to do, and then have them to it, so that was a perfect excuse just to chill out, and get a sun burn.. haha. Ingvar, Jessy, Kaiya, Teyus and Jessy´s friend Anna came down for like 4 days this week, helping us build the house, so I had fun talking Norwegian and just hanging out with them. Kaiya is seriously the most amazing little girl Ive ever met. Haha! I had fun! Also, our speaker this week, Phil Cunningham was amazing, and he brought down an amazing couple with him, so I got to hang out with them a lot too! And the team was amazing!! And did I mention the other staff?? Amazing. Oh, other amazing thing: I was gonna be the translator, but luckly Saul was there, so I only had to translate from Spanish to English! Yay! Amazing!!
 So yeah, it was an amazing, but tiring week. Im excited to have some time off, but most of all excited about the fact that Erika is coming down for the weekend with some friends I dont know yet, and also: Ruben and Øyvind is coming, so Im gonna go and pick them up in San Diego on saturday! So yeah: That was all the amazingness for now, I think! 

Have an amazing day!

Kaiya and Carleigh building... 
Kaiya is helping out!
House Dedication... 
Me and Ronda!

Kaiya and I trying to build something (ended up being a disformed bird house Jessy did NOT want in her backyard), and practicing Norwegian... 
Kaiya is pretty much the most amazing kid i know!

Ingvar, Aaron y Shelby! 

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