tirsdag, mai 19, 2009

17.mai med en ny vri….


I went up to San Diego to celebrate 17.mai with Ingvar and Jessy, Kaiya and Teyus. We went to the “House Of Norway” in Bilboa Park, to celebrate with the rest of the Norwegians in San Diego. It was NOTHING like Norway. Maybe except from pølse, brus, is and vafler!!

We started off walking in a parade, with NO marching bands or noisemakers. And the Olsens and I did not even have a Norwegian flag! Oh, how embarrassing!!  It parade was all quiet, except from the one very devoted guy who would start some Hurrarop on the sideline… Haha, it was something for itself. After the parade they had a bunch of speeches, and a folkdance group that danced- a lot like Lurvalegg! It was interesting… They also did the Pledge- to the American Flag! Haha! And the national Anthem- American and then Norwegian… I missed Hamarsangen a lot!

So it was interesting..

After the “trying to hang out with all the Norwegians in San Diego” (that would also include a lot of 80 year olds whos grandparents came over once upon a time…), we went shopping, for then to start making a Norwegian coltbord! We had sooo much food, vafler rømmegrøt, eggerøre, spekemat, laks, is, jordbær, bringebær… and a lot more!

And then we talked and ate and laughed from like 4 to midnight.

It was grand!! 

Det var jo iallefall noen mennesker, til tross for dårlig liv og røre.. Jessy uttalte at det føltes som om vi var i et gravfølge..... Og jeg var ganske enig...
Beautiful in bunad
The Olsen Family
So apparently there is such a thing as the "queen of house of norway"! 

Teyus! He is only 8 months... 
Prep... Felicia and Jessy!

Jessy is trying to explain the guests what the different types of food is.. 

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