lørdag, mai 16, 2009

Remember that time when we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain?


Axel was hanging out in at in the Mission Adventures office, talking about how fun it would be if we could go to Six Flags. And before an our was gone, William had raised over 100 dollars to our “Poor Missionary Vacation Found”.


…that’s how it all got started…


A couple of weeks later, and a couple of hundred dollars later, 10 missionaries drove from Ensenada, Mexico, to Valencia, CA. In San Diego we picked up Scott, who is not a poor missionary, and therefore had to pay from himself, and ate, before we arrived at the hotel in Valencia around 9ish. We went to Denny´s next to the hotel and ate, and there Brodie from the OC came and joined us, also him on his own bill… We had two hotel rooms, with two queen size beds in each, which worked fine for us 4 girls! But before the night had stared, there were now 8 boys in the boys room, so they had it a bit tougher!  It took a while to fall asleep, and Axel woke up at 5, took a shower and then BANGED in the wall and woke all of us girls up. But we went back to bed… Haha. We were suppose to leave the hotel rooms at 9 o´clock, checking out of the hotel , go and eat breakfast, have starbucks, find an ATM, and then head out for the park, which opened at 10:30. However, at 8:45, when Sarvia and Kelsey were still in their PJs, the boys knocked on out door. And with their backpacks on their shoulders and a starbucks in their hand, they told us that we were leaving, and that they already had had breakfast… Still, Sarvia and Kelsey got on some clothes, we checked out of the hotel and then the boys had to sit at Denny´s with us and watch us eat. And then we headed out for the park.


At a Thursday before school is out or finals done, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a blast! There were close to NO lines, we got to spend all our time on rides, if we wanted, and it was not as stressed and intense as those parks sometimes are! It was great! However, Sarvia and I are not that big a fans of roller coasters, so we did our own things, and loved it! We also left the park to hang out with Jenny (oh my dear, dear Jenny who I have missed!!) for some hours. It was great. We went to her house, ate Panda Express and had Starbucks! And just talked! And then, when Jenny had to go back to school to work, we went back into the park and took one more ride, met up with the others, and when the park closed, we did not have to wait in line to get out, we simple got in out cars and drove out, easy and nice. WOW! However, Brodie, who had driven his own car up from OC, had lost his keys in one of the rides, so he had to drive with us down to OC, and then William had to take him back up in his truck, and then drive back down… sad! In OC the girls, again, got the better end of the deal- staying at the bestes Brianna in the worlds house, with a swimmingpool, big (og HUGE) screen TV in their backyard AND a hot tub! We all got beds and loved it! The boys stayed at Brodies “wanna be YWAM community”, and Im not so sure they slept at all….

And again, the arrived 15 minuts too early to pick us up, but this time it was Lindsay and Sarvia who was still in their PJs. Briannas family, however, are like the nices people in the world, so they invited all the guys in, we all got breakfast and coffee, and then we headed out to Newport Beach and Laguna Breach, before we ended the day at a HUGE mall!

…And then the trip was over… We stopped in San Diego, where we picked Giezi up from the airport, and that was fun! He came home from being gone sense we left for out roadtrip in the end of December, so people were excited!! And we had t-shirts that spelled out his name, so that was fun. Haha.


…and now I am back in Ensenada, chilling for another week. Or not… I work in Hospitality, so I clean and make beds and lead workduties and all of that jazz. So it is busy, but good!

Next yeah I am going back to Hamar, studying and working with my church. Im super excited about it, and  cant wait to see what God is going to be doing in Hamar!! Yay!


Ok- here are some pictures! 

Did I ever tell you guys about all the crap you can buy when you are in the borderline to enter the US?


Girls room!
Sarvia was my Six Flags Buddy! 
The rest of the group is at that ride.. somewhere... 
..and this would be the reason why I do not like roller coasters! 
My Jenny! My Love! My Friend!
Me, Sarvia and Jenny!
Oh guys!
I got Axel to buy his daughter these ears! They didnt fit, but his wife took them.. haha
Outside Six Flags!
niiice... Near Newport Beach
The Ensenada gang!! (Brodie was with us at Six Flags, and Scott is taking the picture...)
we went for a walk in Laguna Beach!
and in Orange Country we met up with Brianna!! Oh, how I´d missed her!!
...and then we went to San Diego Airport to pick up Giezi!
He got a little surprised!